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Tiltan Taps SafeNet Sentinel HASP for Software Monetization Needs

June 18, 2012

In the fast-moving world of technology, change is good. This adage is proving to be particularly relevant in the world of software licensing. Today, protecting and managing software is not just about piracy prevention and reverse engineering. It also provides a way for ISVs to manage and track customer usage.

How software protection is implemented and delivered to end users is also evolving. Often, software publishers using hardware-based licensing protection will find the need to upgrade to a more flexible solution. As product portfolios and end-user expectations grow, software-based protection provides greater benefits. This was exactly the situation faced by Tiltan Systems Engineering, Ltd. when it approached SafeNet (News - Alert) for a flexible, robust licensing solution.

Tiltan specializes in 2D and 3D visual solutions, image generation systems and derived applications. Originally, it created its own copy protection solution to secure its imaging software. Soon afterward, it turned to SafeNet to provide greater security in the form of the SafeNet Sentinel HASP HL dongle-based software protection. But as the company evolved, so did its needs. Tiltan saw the importance of being able to update software licenses in the field and wanted a solution that would provide flexibility and security, and wouldn’t be perceived as an inconvenience by their customers. Since Tiltan already had a relationship with SafeNet, it was a natural partnership.

“We’d been using the HASP USB keys for years, but as our business grew, we needed a software rights management solution that would not only continue to protect our software from piracy and reverse engineering, but would also give us the flexibility to sell our software in new ways,” said Alex Shainshein, project manager of engineering and programs at Tiltan. And, after looking at offerings from other software rights management companies, Tiltan decided that the latest version of Sentinel HASP was the best solution.

Tiltan used Sentinel HASP’s Cross-Locking feature to deliver and control its software with any combination of hardware- and software-based licensing. This means that the company can now offer different versions of its products at different price points using different licensing models in order to appeal to a wider range of customers.

“Now, using this combination of HASP HL and SL, we can very easily monitor and keep track of time-based licenses for trial versions of the software,” said Shainshein. “Using software-based protection keys, we manage the entire license and activation process over the Internet and it simply expires after 30 days. If they decide to purchase the software, we just securely update the license online. There is no downtime waiting for the physical protection key to ship around the world; everything is done instantaneously.”

SafeNet brings nearly three decades of experience to the software monetization and rights management space and offers a wide range of solutions, from hardware- and software-based products to cloud and SaaS (News - Alert) licensing options. For more information on SafeNet Sentinel products, visit

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin
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