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Software Monetization: Iritech Increases Sales with SafeNet's Sentinel HASP

September 24, 2012

If someone steals your hardware, chances are you are going to notice it went missing. However when it comes to intellectual property, hackers could be stealing from you without you even realizing.

As hardware is being commoditized today, high-tech equipment manufacturers need to be ready for this eventual shift of business being based more and more on software, Alexandra Lating of SafeNet’s (News - Alert) software rights management division pointed out in a recent blog post about protecting software and intellectual property.

“For high-tech equipment manufacturers, times are changing,” she said. “It is clear that the inevitable process has begun, hardware is being commoditized and, moving forward, business will be based more and more on software. Are you ready?”

For example, Iritech is a global manufacturer in the biometric authentication equipment and software industry. As one of only two manufacturers of both the biometric equipment and the identity matching software, Iritech knew from the outset that preventing reverse-engineering of its identity matching software would have to be an integral part of its business plan in order to maintain its unique position in the biometrics market, according to the blog post.

Sentinel HASP allows for the use of either software- or hardware-based protection keys to enforce software protection and licensing. With Sentinel HASP, businesses can increase profits by protecting against losses from software piracy and intellectual property theft, and enable innovative business models to increase value and differentiate their products. 

In fact, following the implementation of Sentinel HASP Hybrid, Iritech was able to expand globally, increasing sales and revenues. 

“The solution also gives Iritech the flexibility to deploy its software in a multitude of ways, as well as manage its global customer base remotely through web-based orders and activations,” Lating wrote. “Instantaneous licensing has helped Iritech maintain a good relationship with its customers by providing one-step electronic activations of the biometric software and the Sentinel HASP protection key at the same time.”

With increased security and flexibility to deploy their biometrics software with hardware or software keys, Iritech is able to maintain its competitive advantage and protect their valuable software from reverse-engineering, according to Travis Jaeger, director of business development for Iritech.

“We are able to increase sales and market penetration because we now have the confidence to sell our products on a wider scale,” Jaeger said. “Before, we basically had to look over their shoulder as they were using the software. Sentinel HASP really gave us the confidence to expand and grow.”

To learn more about how SafeNet Sentinel HASP hybrid licensing solution empowered Iritech to expand markets and increase sales, register for SafeNet’s manufacturer resources kit. 

Edited by Peter Bernstein
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