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10 Years and No Piracy for Mexican Software Developer TAISA

August 12, 2013

Zero piracy. That’s the level of product protection most software developers dream about. For the past decade Tecnica Aplicada Internacional S.A. De C.V. (TAISA), a Mexican software developer, has experienced no incidence of piracy of its product management (PM) software despite selling through a chain of domestic and international distributors including Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Spain.

“Today we can say that there is virtually no piracy for our product – in that sense we are completely protected,” stated Pablo Seeliger of TAISA in a recent case study. That’s because they leverage Sentinel HASP, SafeNet’s (News - Alert) unique software licensing solution that combines software- or hardware-based protection keys to enforce software protection and licensing.

“We started with homegrown software protection, but with the passage of time we realized that the solution we had was too simple to protect our software from piracy and losses.”

Not only is the company able to protect its software with complete certainty, but implementation of the HASP keys has allowed the company to create two versions of its software: a single-user edition and an edition for local area networks (LAN) that grants access to up to 10 users. The benefits of Sentinel HASP were immediate.

“Sales after the implementation of HASP increased remarkably, to such an extent that today we could not conceive further developing PM software without HASP,” Seeliger said. In fact, Sentinal HASP has saved the company between 20 and 30 percent of its sales.

The arduous process of creating multiple versions of the product from the same code is also simplified with HASP. As Seeliger explained, “To meet the needs of different clients, we offered multiple software versions, increasing the number of licenses and sales. We could not operate and grow without HASP.”  

He added, “TAISA sells its software already protected and licensed with HASP. The user simply runs the protected program according to the license he has.”

TAISA can expand into high-piracy markets with confidence because of HASP, and remote updates make it easy to update software licensing terms on keys in the field. Additionally, Sentinel HASP prevents reverse-engineering of code and offers anti-debugging and code obfuscation technology.

Using SafeNet’s wrapper technology, TAISA is able to easily add protection to its product offerings without having to dig deep into its software code.

Software vendors today face two significant challenges; more efficient and effective monetization and management of their intellectual property, and the protection of their IP. SafeNet’s Sentinel HASP addresses both of these challenges and as TAISA attests, the results are impressive.

Edited by Peter Bernstein
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