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SafeNet Takes Complexity and Risk out of Software Licensing

February 14, 2014

Software licensing has never been easy, but in this world where IT shops must manage on-premise installations, cloud applications and mobile and thin client access, it is a whole lot tougher.

As described in a recent SafeNet case study, The 100-plus year-old energy management and embedded device developer SAUTER Group, based in Switzerland, found just what it needed to introduce software licensing for new product lines, standardize one software licensing process for all applications on different platforms. This is essential for Sauter to mitigate risks and better track its intellectual property with a combination of SafeNet’s (News - Alert) Sentinel EMS and RMS solutions. Protection and the ability to track usage so the proper licensing fees are understood by the customer and paid to the provider is a demonstrable winning combination.

This case study highlights that companies have choices to make regarding how best to protect and manage their software.  Do you build your own entitlement management system, or go with a third-party solution?  The latter is increasingly becoming a path of preference. A significant reason is the speed at which solutions can be up and running.  In this case, for example, the solution was up in running in the back-office within a few days. The complete integration across the whole product line took 3 months.

Download the full case study to learn more about how SafeNet’s Sentinel EMS and RMS can standardize licensing strategy and automate back-office processes.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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