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Gemalto: Software is Powering Hardware Renaissance
Gemalto software monetization survey results and infographic indicate that software is powering a hardware renaissance.The business world has changed significantly in recent years. New competitors have disrupted markets. Customers have become more demanding. Product release cycles have accelerated. And smartphones and other connected devices are everywhere.

Cadac Group Employs Gemalto's Sentinel
Cadac Group provides digital design platforms that makes it easier for its customers to create, manage, and share their projects. But it had some of its own software needs behind the scenes.

Gemalto's Licensing Solution Helps Businesses Address Change
The ebook "Software Licensing & Entitlement Management: The Build vs. Buy Dilemma" says the Gemalto platform provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability to address software licensing and monetization in both the near and long term.

Medical Device Company Delivers with Sentinel
Medical device solution provider Stryker Corp. has enhanced the customer experience it delivers, reduced costs, and streamlined its operations with the help of Gemalto's Sentinel licensing technology.

Gemalto Platform Enables Software Monetization
Gemalto is emphasizing the monetization aspects of its platform for software providers. And it has launched a YouTube software monetization channel to tell that story.

Licensing Key to Device Vendors' Digital Transformation
Business in just about every vertical has been disrupted. Many organizations are responding by implementing digital transformation initiatives. What those efforts look like varies by the entity. But for intelligent device vendors that typically involves expanding from selling boxes to selling services related to those devices. Gemalto explains the steps that device makers should take in embracing new business models.

How Cambium Used Flexible Licensing to Add Value
Cambium Networks employs Gemalto Sentinel RMS to make its wireless solutions more attractive, affordable, and resilient. The new ePMP Elevate solution is software-based, which means no truck roll is required.

Philips Tells Its Transformation Tale
Here's what Jeroen Peeters, business process owner for software operations at Philips International, had to say at the recent Gemalto LicensingLive! Event.

Pricing Differently: Gemalto's solution for Mobile App SDK Licensing
There's a growing demand for SDKs that can be embedded into other solutions. There's also a need to transform how SDKs are priced. But part of the challenge in that is getting an accurate measure of consumption on the final solution. In a presentation at the recent LicensingLive! 2017 event, Todd Steel and Vickie White explained how Gemalto is addressing all of the above.

How to Execute a Successful Software Licensing Strategy
At Gemalto's LicensingLive! 2017 earlier this year, representatives from AVST, Juniper Networks, Philips, Sharp Electronics, Trimble, and Viavi Solutions shared their experiences and advice on software monetization.

Trimble is Transforming the Way the World Works
Trimble is automating activation and licensing in an effort to become a software subscription giant.Since 1990 the company has acquired dozens of software companies with a range of products. It's using those solutions to transform the way the world works.

Gemalto Offers Software Monetization Best Practices
The move to software-based solutions calls for new licensing processes and the implementation of software monetization platforms, Gemalto and THINKstrategies note in their white paper "Software Monetization Best Practices: Lifecycle Methodology and Implementation Plan."

Successful Software Licensing Requires Holistic Approaches
The way solutions are bought and sold is changing in a major way. That's prompting more and more businesses to sell their offerings with a software opposed to selling a devise or hardware only. And that creates the need for companies to create and maintain flexible and new software licensing strategies.

Why Cisco, Others Are Introducing Subscriptions
Software subscriptions can provide customers with more flexibility, and suppliers with better profits. This morning, Cisco introduced wireless software subscriptions. That followed the company's earlier move to sell its Catalyst 9000 series switches with a software subscription.

October Event to Address Software Monetization
Licensing Live! later this month will help businesses offering hardware-based solutions more easily transition to the software-centric world.

Software Licensing in the NFV World
A new webinar sponsored by Gemalto and featuring ADVA Optical Network discusses the requirements and challenges that CSPs and their suppliers face as carriers move to embrace network functions virtualization.

Why UX is Critical to Software Monetization
As Gemalto notes in its recent eBook "The Critical Role of UX in Software Monetization," we've seen a shift from delivering products or services online to delivering experiences online.

Gemalto Goes Virtual Inside & Out
As businesses move to sell virtual rather than physical solutions, they need to think outside of the box. The world is moving to software, and that is prompting businesses to change in fundamental ways. Instead of relying on one-time hardware sales, many organizations are now in the midst of introducing new service and software solutions. But making this transition is not as simple as it sounds.

What's Driving, Enabling the Move to Software?
Companies that sell hardware need to figure out how to drive more value through software. And software companies need to make sure they're providing their customers and partners with optimal experiences.

Siemens Picks Gemalto, Again
Connected technology is changing customer expectations and the way business is done. For example, manufacturing now relies more on software than it did at any time in the past. This shift gives manufacturers better control of and insight into their production lines, improving quality and productivity.

Get Ready for Gemalto's LicensingLive! 2017
Industry experts and senior software leaders will assemble for the 10th annual LicensingLive! 2017, which will be held Oct. 24 through 26, to share their experiences and insight on how to solve some of the most pressing software monetization challenges and how they are embracing business transformation in the now economy.

Case Study Highlights Software Monetization Benefits
Industrial production software company Quadrature is using the Gemalto Sentinel Software Monetization solution. And Gemalto has published a case study highlighting the deployment.

Gemalto Launches Business Transformation Webinar Series
Gemalto has announced the launch of a series of customer webinars. The Sentinel customer business transformation webinar series will consist of four sessions: "Embracing the Shift," "Changing Business Models," "Automating the Process" and "Empowering End Users."

Software Monetization Addresses New Business Models
Customer expectations are changing and that means that business models are changing too. Increasingly, organizations are offering outcomes and services as opposed to products. That's due in part to mobility and the cloud. Customers are demanding new ways to buy software and businesses are responding with more options such as consumption- and subscription-based services.

Gemalto Addresses Growing Popularity of Software in Hardware-centric Devices
Companies of all types are beginning to see the value of leveraging software to differentiate their offerings in the marketplace.

New Opportunities and Challenges for Embedded Software Companies
Today, there are more opportunities for the makers of embedded software to create future revenue streams by properly leveraging their intellectual property.

Driving Operational Efficiency in the Digital Supply Chain
There are many complexities to think about when it comes to creating software-based processes and virtual deliverables, including different customer expectations. How the product is going to be delivered to the customer is too often an afterthought, when it should be considered at the beginning of the design process if software monetization is to be maximized.

Snell Chooses Gemalto Sentinel for Its On Demand Framework
Broadcast and post-production technology solutions provider Snell developed its Snell On Demand Framework to address the needs of a rapidly changing market. To do so, the company needed a flexible but secure way to license its new technology while also protecting the intellectual property contained in its software code.

Gemalto Provides Valuable Insights Into Servitization
An upcoming webinar from Gemalto will take a closer look at how to successfully embrace and launch emerging servitization business models. The webinar, titled "Top Servitization Business Models in the High End Equipment Sector," is a part of Gemalto's quarterly Ask the Experts series, and will take place on June 14 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / 5 p.m. CEST.

Pricing and Packaging Strategies for the SaaS Era
The SaaS and cloud business models offer a host of benefits to ISVs and their customers. By carefully crafting their pricing and packaging strategies for the SaaS era, ISVs can ensure they're gleaning the most value from their offerings.

Medical Equipment Vendors Need an Embedded Software Monetization Strategy
Medical equipment manufacturers are moving away from a hardware-centric approach and using embedded software as their intellectual property. The industry needs to protect that IP through a comprehensive embedded software monetization strategy.

Constellation Research to present a live webinar on New Business Models for the IoT
On Wednesday, June 14 at 1:00 p.m. EST, Constellation Research CEO, R "Ray" Wang and the Gemalto team will be putting on a webinar titled "Building New Business Models with the Internet Of Things."The purpose will be to help companies understand what they need to build their own IoT businesses.

Servitization and the Path to Success for Industrial Automation
The Industrial Automation equipment sector is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way it incorporates Servitization into their business models to offer services to their customers beyond the physical product. What is stopping you from adding recurring revenue-based offerings to your product portfolio? Are you enforcing preventive maintenance and repair operations? Are you charging a relicensing fee when your equipment is sold on the secondary market? Is pay-per-use part of your future strategy?

The Buy vs. Build Dilemma for Software Monetization
Software companies need to weigh the pros and cons of building a custom software licensing and monetization solution versus purchasing an established and secure offering.

Broadcast Company Snell Moves to Software-Centric Licensing and Monetization
Snell, which specializes in broadcast and post production technologies, implemented Gemalto's Sentinel solutions to meet the licensing and monetization demands of its new software-centric delivery approach.

Cloud-Based Software Licensing a Helpful Tool for Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is becoming the biggest competitive differentiator for businesses. Software licensing and monetization solutions like Gemalto's Sentinel EMS track customer engagement and satisfaction while also managing the software license lifecycle.

The Evolving Business Model for High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers
Equipment manufacturers are already transitioning to a software-centric business model to remain competitive in today's technology climate. Having the proper tools in place to license and monetize their offerings as they migrate their business models will be critical to their success.

Shift to a Recurring Revenue Model Today
Customers today are more informed and more demanding than ever before. This is true across the board - from retail to healthcare and so many industries. Now more than ever, delivering value to meet customer demands is a must.

Business Processes & Outcomes Key to Successful Software Licensing Strategy
A comprehensive software licensing strategy should take into account all people, business processes and technologies for success.

Gemalto Introduces Software Monetization ROI Calculator
Software license and entitlement management solutions are designed to simplify many of the time-intensive tasks associated with software entitlement. This simple calculator helps determine software monetization by determining the ROI of using a solution.

Gemalto Helping Companies Cross the Licensing Chasm
Software Monetization solutions provider Gemalto is hosting special "Lunch & Learn" sessions to help companies with crossing the licensing chasm and speaking with attendees about how to transition to a recurring revenue model while they enjoy lunch and network.

Sentinel Workshops Provide Custom Consulting Services for SMEs
Gemalto's Sentinel Workshops are an important part of the company's three-tier approach to custom consulting services. Services are designed to enhance, guide and manage customer deployments of Gemalto software licensing and monetization solutions.

Servitization: Changing the Game for Manufacturers Today
During a recent webinar, Dr. Mohamad Zaki of the University of Cambridge joined Gemalto to discuss what servitization is and why manufacturers should care.

The Nuts & Bolts of Transitioning to a Recurring Revenue Model
With the proper tools and technologies, businesses can undergo a seamless and successful transition to a recurring revenue model to glean the most value out of their software- and subscription-based offerings.

Trimble Navigation Moves Toward SaaS and Recurring Revenue Model
Trimble Navigation is working with Gemalto as the company moves from a hardware focus to software-based offerings. As Trimble transitions to a SaaS and subscription model for many of its offerings, the company is steadily transforming its licensing and revenue model to keep pace.

The Long but Rewarding Road to a Recurring Revenue Model
There are many challenges involved when transitioning to a recurring revenue model but with the proper analysis and planning, companies can better monetize their software and solutions by transitioning their revenue models.

The Importance of a Monetization Strategy to Protect Embedded Medical Software
Medical equipment manufacturers are changing the way they do business by embedding valuable software into their devices. Having a proper software monetization strategy is key to protecting intellectual property and licensing for this new breed of devices.

Succeeding in Today's Market: Software Monetization Musts
Madhavan Ramanujam, a monetization and pricing expert with consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, recently presented on software monetization musts during a Gemalto sponsored Webinar titled: "Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around Price."

Software Monetization Solutions Help Medical Equipment Vendors Transition to Services Economy
Medical equipment vendors can use software monetization solutions to stay competitive as they transition to an embedded software and services-based business model.

Software Monetization: Do You Know How Much Your Product is Worth?
An upcoming TMC webinar sponsored by Gemalto, titled "Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around Price," will discuss a model for successful product monetization and how companies can design their products around price.

Best Practices are Key to Software Monetization in Today's Tech Economy
Organizations that develop and sell software and services should follow a best practices methodology to software monetization to ensure they are gleaning the most value from their offerings for themselves and their customers.

Understanding the Critical Difference Between Software Licensing and Entitlement Management
Any company dealing with third-party applications and software should understand the nuances of software licensing and entitlements, as well as entitlement management and software monetization.

Why Your Business Needs a Software Licensing and Monetization Solution
The digital transformation has begun. Companies and their customers are moving to software-centric solutions and on-demand usage. That calls for an entirely new way of pricing and packaging so the organizations that provide the software can get the best possible return on their product.

Webinar: Servitization for Software Monetization
Learn how software monetization is achieved through servitization in this free webinar.

Gemalto Launches Customizable Channel Partner Portal
Gemalto is introducing a customizable portal that addresses the unique software supply chain needs of its customers. The Enhanced Partner Portal enables companies using the Gemalto Sentinel EMS (Entitlement Management Solution) to customize their channel partner-related business rules to meet their specific requirements.

Why You Need to Learn More about Software Monetization
Intelligent device vendors and software companies need software monetization solutions to help monetize their software and grow their businesses.

The Importance of Knowing your Software Monetization Best Practices Score
Gemalto introduces a new process for understanding your software monetization best practices score/readiness and a lifecycle methodology for licensing, automation and operational efficiency.

LiscensingLive Wrap-up: A Closer Look at Change & the Now Economy
Change is a major part of our current world. So many new technologies and advancements are making it possible to do things we never dreamed possible. With all of these advancements, though, come challenges like keeping things up and running.

Pay-Per-Use in Medical Equipment Forges New Opportunities in Healthcare
Technology has brought significant value to businesses in so many ways over the last few decades. Perhaps nowhere is it more apparent than in the capabilities of the cloud. Access to pay-per-use and pay-per-user models have enabled the smallest of companies to compete on more level playing fields with giants in their industries.

How Medical Manufacturers Can Benefit from the On-Demand Trend
As for preventive maintenance, it can enable medical manufacturers to meld the worlds of single-product sales with recurring revenues. That would involve a company selling a product that has the ability to alert the manufacturer and/or customer when the device is due for maintenance. And, Persky notes, the manufacturer could stipulate that the (revenue-generating) maintenance service can only be provided by its own dedicated technicians.

Licensing Live: It's Time to Embrace Change
It's that time of year again, when Gemalto dedicates time to bringing thought leaders, customers and others in the industry under one roof to listen, network and interact about all the latest in software monetization.

Which Comes First - Product or Price in Software Monetization?
Companies seeking to bring to market a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering or software monetization for embedded solutions within their hardware products stand to benefit from this approach. With the market rapidly moving towards cloud computing, and the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine capabilities gaining ground, the opportunity to leverage a proven strategy in monetization is here. Taking advantage of the right approach ensures revenue and drives the ultimate value.

Software Monetization Solutions Help Hardware Vendors Transition to the Age of IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to herald in the next age of technology and computing, bringing with it all sorts of advantages and benefits as more devices connect in a myriad of ways. The IoT also poses significant challenges as networks evolve and change out of necessity, in order to handle the influx of traffic.

Cadac Unifies On Premises and Cloud Software Assets Using Gemalto Sentinel
Cadac ultimately replaced its legacy licensing technology within days by building an SDK on top of the Sentinel Cloud SDK to support web-based applications and services. Gemalto's solution helped the company standardize on a single licensing technology for all software products, regardless of whether they reside on premises or in the cloud. The result has been reduced operational costs, an improved customer experience, and massive increases in efficiency, which Cadac has been able to pass along to its customers.

Cloud-Based Software Management and Monetization Offers Major Value
The cloud has afforded businesses all sorts of conveniences and opportunities previously off limits to most. In today's services-driven economy, customers are demanding more value, better service and innovation, and they're not afraid to do their research in order to find it. Businesses are under pressure to deliver that value while boosting revenues, innovating and simultaneously keeping their customers happy.

A Closer Look at Software Monetization
Gemalto also recognized the need to include flexibility in its solutions. Sentinel LDK and Sentinel RMS support a choice between hardware- or software-based protection keys, and the company's cloud-based solution, Sentinel Cloud supports a choice between software- or cloud-based license protection mechanisms.

What is Embedded Licensing?
Embedded licensing is software licensing and entitlement management that protects embedded systems software.

High Tech Manufacturing is Transitioning to a Software-Based Model
Transition to software-based business models will create profits and competitive advantage for tech manufacturers.

Software Monetization: Getting the Technology+People+Process=Performance Process Right the First Time Around
The Holy Grail of any organization is to perform optimally in all aspects of one's business. It raises the question, "what goes into performance optimization?" A formula popularized is Technology+People+Process equals Performance.

Licensing Live! Software Monetization for the NOW Economy
There is little doubt that the world of software monetization, from licensing to entitlement management is in the midst of a critical transformation. It impacts not only software companies and device manufacturers but now also end users as everything is software-centric.

It Really Is All About the Data
It has become one of the major trends of our increasingly connected world. Hardware vendors are in the midst of transforming their businesses from shipping boxes to delivering value-added software and becoming applications and solution providers. The reason is simple. Hardware has become a low-margin commodity, and it has become apparent that the value of these hardware devices will be in the information they transmit. This is true in IoT deployments in particular, where it really is all about the data; real-time or for sophisticated analysis. The driver for this value transformation is in being able to create new services and strengthen relationships with customers.

Using Software Features and Functionality to Differentiate Products
Cloud, virtualization, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing disruptions and transformation. The most important aspect driving transportation is software and that's due to the flexibility software provides in defining features to differentiate products. Regardless of the vertical market but in particular, traditional hardware-based businesses, the next generation value is going to be created and sustained by the software.

The Monetization of the Internet of Things
We are all constantly getting information on how the advent of billions of connected devices is transforming daily life. In fact, Cisco has forecast there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and Gartner is projecting over $300 billion in revenues, just for the suppliers of IoT devices. Within five years, estimates are that one million devices will be brought online every hour.

It's Not Just About Licensing Anymore: Cloud-Based Software Licensing Enhancing Efficiency, Customer Experiences, and Competitiveness
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of moderating an extremely insightful webinar, Cloud-Based Software Licensing: Enabling Operational Efficiency, Delighted Customers and Sustainable Competitive Advantage. I was joined by Jeff Kaplan Managing Director, THINKstrategies and Jamshed "Jam" Khan, Director of Professional Services, Gemalto, who talked about the reasons why cloud-based software licensing is the path to any organization's future success.

What Adoption of Software Business Models Means for Device Vendors and Software Providers
Here is a question for readers. "Do you believe that next generation value creation and the ability to establish and sustain differentiated competitive advantage is going to be heavily reliant on software?"

Why Cloud-based Software Licensing Can and Should be the Path to Future Success
There can be no disputing that we live in an increasingly always on/always connected world. In this brave new world, software-centricity has become a major, if not the major, driver of not just current value, but sustainable differentiated value. And, on top of this, has been what I have previously characterized as the next phase of the digital era - "The Age of Acceleration." It is an age where the only certainties are change and the speed at which it is increasing.

A 'How To' Guide on Monetizing the Internet of Things
While there is much discussion as to what actually constitutes the Internet of Things (IoT), there can be little doubt that we have entered the on-ramp to a ubiquitously connected "smart" or "smarter" world. It is one where the combination of literally billions of network-aware devices in combination with Big Data and sophisticated analytics will transform almost every aspect of how we leverage software and the information it generates, to improve our personal lives and professional competitive postures. Indeed, industry experts have boldly predicted that the impact of the coming era of IoT will have as great if not a greater impact than the Internet itself.

Transformation into a Software Company is Challenging, But Crucial
The well-documented facts are that market-leading hardware manufacturers who have transformed into software businesses are out-performing their competitors. In short, thanks to the moves by leading-edge companies, initiated by the rise of the cloud and Software as a Service, we are in the midst of a profound paradigm shift as companies look to capitalize on the move to subscription and usage-based billing. Business models are changing and touching all aspects of the way in which vendors package and price their solutions and customers consume software-based services.

Software Monetization Solutions and Pricing Flexibility-Perfect Together
For creators of software, licensing and entitlement management of their intellectual property (IP), aka "Software Monetization", along with its protection from abuse, is how they financially optimize their work. However, optimization is now so much more than software sales, renewals, upgrades and compliance enforcement. It is about finding the price "sweet spot" that compels users to want more.

Insights on Making and Keeping Customers Happy
The reason this is a win/win is that Gemalto solutions allow software providers to protect their intellectual property, better package and price their products and gain a good handle on compliance. Gemalto's software monetization tools also give your customer's detailed insights into what they use, who uses it, how often and a host of other important information. This enables customers to pay only for what they use, and gives them great negotiating capabilities.

Viavi Leverages Licensing for Transformation from Hardware to Software
The company's roots date back to the 1980s with their emergence as a major supplier of optical fiber and a myriad of other hardware-based solutions. As a result of dynamic organic growth and multiple acquisitions, the company needed an agile IT environment. Indeed, as more and more of the company's value-added revenue and profits are shifting toward software driven and virtual solutions.

Agile Monetization Strategies and Technologies Can Future-proof Your Business
The answer to the question posed above is that in The Age of Acceleration, companies that embrace change "rethink" and leverage new Software monetization solutions will maximize their opportunities, increase their revenue, and reduce costs all while creating loyal customers for life.

Cisco's View on Software Monetization Transformation- It's Not Just About Licensing Anymore
Software licensing in the days when software was delivered via physical media, On-Premise, was rather simple compared to today. Fulfillment, as those of us of a certain age will remember, was about opening a box, popping a disk into our PC, registering with the vendor, and then you were up and running. Onetime fee- for a lifetime!

Trimble Navigates to Success Leveraging Next Gen Licensing and Entitlement Management
Whether you know it or not, GPS technology pioneer Trimble has been an integral part of your personal and professional life for several years. Regardless of where it sits in various solutions and ecosystems, all of our reliance on the company's hardware and increasingly software-based solutions is likely to increase as we move faster and faster into an Internet of Things (IoT) that is software-centric in all aspects.

LicensingLive! Gemalto's Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions Are Integral for Stryker Business Transformation
Stryker is one of the world's foremost medical technology companies offering a diverse array of innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical, Surgical, Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes. And, like leading edge companies in the healthcare device industry, Stryker solutions are increasingly software-centric.

Positioning to Fully Leverage the Software Subscription Market
The numerous predictions by industry experts in virtually every vertical market about the "Big" trends impacting how businesses will conduct themselves in 2016 are now public record. Realities are that thanks to the accelerating pace of technology innovation and adoption, companies are going to be disrupted or disruptors. And, what is unmistakable is there are several trends that make everyone's lists. Call them the usual suspects: mobility, cloud, virtualization, globalization and application proliferation. There are two others that stand out as well where there is a consensus of opinion:

Sentinel EMS Delivers Enhanced Customer Experience and Satisfaction for HP
Dealing with large technology vendors often means dealing with thousands of SKUs and myriad software licenses in need of entitlement. As I'm sure you're painfully aware, getting up and running under these circumstances can be a confusing and complex process. But you're not alone in your frustration: large tech companies are faced with their own set of user experience and customer satisfaction challenges.

Gemalto Research says ISVs Need to Adopt Enterprise User Demands
There is little doubt that we are in the midst of a true paradigm shift when it comes to the ways in which, in an increasingly software-centric and driven world, software is created, protected, delivered and monetized. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to be successful need to adapt to changing customer expectations and requirements and transform the manner in which they deliver, track, protect and monetize software licenses and entitlements.

Licensing Live! The Present and Future of Software Monetization
Every year, I mark my calendar for Gemalto's (formerly SafeNet's) Licensing Live! event. There are plenty of reasons for doing so, not least because I have the pleasure of being in the company of so many thought leaders all under one roof. Licensing Live! offers a unique opportunity to listen, network, and interact with subject matter experts, industry analysts, software executives, ecosystem partners, as well as Gemalto's software monetization customers.

Why Software Monetization is so Relevant Today
There is never a bad time to think up ways of making more money. This is equally true whether you're introducing new products and value-added services, or maintaining revenue from current or legacy products. At a high level, the goal of software monetization is to optimize all opportunities and revenue streams.

Software Monetization and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Whether you call it the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything (IoE), there is little doubt that we are moving toward a connected world where software-controlled sensors are poised to transform the ways in which we work and go about our personal lives. In high-tech, we are always looking for the Next Big Thing and clearly IoT is at or near the very top of the list.

Software Licensing: The Benefits of Going Keyless
Remember the days when software came on a disk and you had to enter a license key to activate it? Not only that, you also had to store the license information somewhere safe, in case you ever needed to reinstall the software. Although this was made a little easier when software delivery went online, keeping track of license keys still poses a challenge today.

12 Ways to Turn Licensing Challenges into Software Monetization Opportunities
In my profession, it's not uncommon to get requests to write book reviews. In fact, there are days when I believe that becoming a full-time reviewer wouldn't be such a bad thing-except, as the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! Having said that, sometimes you come across a subject so compelling, that exploring it in detail becomes a labor of love.

Transforming Your Business in the Digital Economy
It's no secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing "E"verything in business at an accelerated pace. Businesses are in disruption and transformation mode-all at the same time. This represents both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity.

Securing the Internet of Things: Protection = Monetization
Depending on which analyst study you read, within the next five years, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will grow upwards of tenfold. In fact, many believe that based on the proliferation of IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) deployments - from connected cars, video surveillance, mobile payments, and wearable medical devices - the estimates may be conservative.

'Mobile Is Eating the World' and for Software Monetization That's a Good Thing
A recent blog by Philip Zhu, Product Manager at Gemalto (formerly SafeNet) intrigued me when I read the title "Mobile is Eating the World." Of course as a software monetization subject matter expert, I wondered, is that a good or a bad thing?

Orange Business Services and Gemalto Partner on Secure Access to Cloud-based Apps
We are reminded daily of the sophistication of those with malicious intent, and the frequency with which they attack, creating an increasingly risky online world. It has made the already difficult and stressful job of protecting data, both at rest and on the move, extremely complicated. It is why online security solutions are flourishing and the area is a hotbed of innovation.

What's New in Entitlement Management?
It has been roughly six months since the last Gemalto (formerly SafeNet) Licensing Live! event, and given how fast the world of software licensing and entitlement management changes, now seems like a good time to check in with Julie Armstrong, Director of Product Management.

Getting Executive Buy-In for a Software Monetization Solution
In today's business environment, where tight budgets are the rule and the competition for resources is fierce, how do you secure executive buy-in for a software monetization solution? I ask this question because I recently read an insightful blog by Shlomo Weiss, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software Monetization at Gemalto (formerly SafeNet). Weiss chooses Aesop's fable The Grasshopper and the Ant to illustrate his point: "Beware of winter before it comes." Put another way, good things happen to those who plan!

Creating Great Software Licensing Experiences One Portal at a Time
Here are two interesting questions for salespeople and operations: Wouldn't it be great to improve the operational delivery and servicing of software while making it a great user experience? How can you optimize resources and the costs associated with processing licenses by off-loading the delivery with a well-designed licensing portal for customer self-service?