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The Challenges and Opportunities of Growing into a Software Monetization Market Leader

March 09, 2015

As any entrepreneur or executive of a small company knows, turning the aspirations of being a market newcomer into the realities of being a large and profitable enterprise is no easy task.  In fact, the percentage of start-ups and SMBs that find their way to establishing  a track record and reputation as not just market innovators but thought and market leaders is extremely small.  This leads to the question, “how can your company beat the odds?”

One important way is to learn from the experiences of those who have succeeded.  How did they handle the challenges and maximize the opportunities, and are they willing to share their expertise? 

All of this is highly relevant in the technology world. The reason is we in tech are in what I have called, “The Age of Acceleration.”  This is an era where the only constants are change and the velocity at which it is increasing.  In many ways, it exponentially amps up what is required of C-levels to have their enterprises emerge from the pack and create a prosperous entity with sustainable differentiated value. 

One company that has navigated the path from small to large, and in fact was so successful monetarily and in creating a vibrant new business is SafeNet (News - Alert). The data security and software monetization solutions company, recently acquired by Gemalto, in a short time went from being a “newbie” to market leader. In the process its management team had the skills, and attracted the right people and gave them the right tools, to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities during all of the stages of corporate maturation successfully.      

SafeNet executive’s optimizations of company performance as priorities changed and the company grew provide lessons for anyone looking to emulate their success.  They adroitly handled such things as the shift in focus from just building new products and sales engines for revenue growth to solving growing pains with infrastructure and systems that can drive operational efficiency and earnings growth.

In what is a rare opportunity to hear and be able to question a CEO who has navigated the dynamic waters in a highly competitive technology market with great skill, you are invited to participate live in the webinar, Getting from $20M to $400M: Challenges and Opportunities for Growth.  On Thursday, March 12, 2015 11:30 AM EDT / 8:30 AM PDT you can join me and Gemalto (News - Alert) SafeNet President & CEO, Prakash Panjwani, to discuss the secrets to literally growing success.

If you are the leader of a small and growing company, this is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand about the stages of company growth from initial startup to the strategic growth phase. In addition, you will gain insights on why executive priorities shift during each stage of growth and how to maximize growth in each stage. 

More specifically, if you have responsibilities for software monetization, this webinar is designed for you as well. It is your chance to understand what it will take to get the CEO’s ear and best position your software licensing strategies to support your company’s growth, and how and when to sell your software licensing strategies to the executive team.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi