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Gemalto LDK is Now on LabVIEW Tools Network

March 11, 2015

Several months ago, when Amsterdam-based digital security giant Gemalto purchased U.S. security firm SafeNet (News - Alert), there was speculation as to how the company would take advantage of its acquisition. It did so by focusing its efforts on optimizing SafeNet’s strong software monetization portfolio and leadership in the rapidly evolving, and increasingly important, software licensing and entitlement management market.

To help quiet the speculation, Gemalto (News - Alert) (formerly SafeNet) recently announced that its Sentinel® Licensing Development Kit (LDK) would be made available on the popular National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW Tools Network.

This is a logical and important move. LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale systems—both large and small—from the design phase through testing. It integrates easily with legacy software, IP, and hardware, while optimizing the latest computing technologies. LabVIEW speaks directly to one of the big themes in computing in 2015— simplicity that doesn’t compromise speed or security.

This is also a good way of looking at the Sentinel LDK solution, which singlehandedly enables end-user entitlement management and product usage and tracking, while at the same time protecting applications from reverse engineering, code tampering, and intellectual property (IP) theft.

In making the announcement, Gemalto pointed out that Sentinel LDK's integration with NI LabVIEW software simultaneously provides insight into IP usage while protecting it from being compromised by unauthorized use and distribution. The benefits of this approach, according to Gemalto, are that organizations are able to maximize profitability while increasing end-user transparency and reducing licensing support costs. The solution can help companies eliminate manual operational tasks associated with licensing, and thereby introduce new products and features more easily.

The Sentinel LDK software monetization solution also supports Windows 32-bit on x86 platforms and leverages both hardware-based and software-based licensing. Once again, this highlights the guiding principle of simplicity, assured speed, and security, with the additional benefit of monetization optimization.

CEO of SSL Resource Oy Pasi Manninen recently implemented Sentinel LDK for the company’s LabVIEW application. “Protecting our goniophotometer software from hacking attempts is fundamental to our business but challenging to achieve,” he explained. “The fact that the Sentinel solution integrates with LabVIEW is very convenient. We also wanted a ‘future-proof’ solution.”

According to LabVIEW’s Tools Network Manager Matthew Friedman, his company prides itself on providing engineers and scientists with the platform they need for continual innovation, accelerated productivity, and problem solving. He favors Sentinel LDK because it, “provides our users with IP protection capabilities that help secure their software with minimal additional effort.”

Senior Vice President of Gemalto’s Software Monetization division Shlomo Weiss summed this up by saying, “We’re focused on providing software organizations with the most effective solutions to help them monetize their software and protect their IP from theft. Developing this add-on for LabVIEW equips over 35,000 businesses with the features they need, in a simple solution, which allows them to maximize operational efficiency and business agility.”

It’s precisely this combination that makes software monetization solutions— which span the premise and cloud, legacy and new capabilities, and every combination and permutation in between—so appealing to independent software developers (ISVs) and their customers. Indeed, the real icing on the cake here is not only the prospect of software monetization with protection, but cost reduction, simplicity, security, and agility, all in a single solution. This is one add-on LabVIEW customers are likely to want to closely evaluate.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino