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A 'How To' Guide on Monetizing the Internet of Things

April 11, 2016

While there is much discussion as to what actually constitutes the Internet of Things (IoT), there can be little doubt that we have entered the on-ramp to a ubiquitously connected “smart” or “smarter” world. It is one where the combination of literally billions of network-aware devices in combination with Big Data and sophisticated analytics will transform almost every aspect of how we leverage software and the information it generates, to improve our personal lives and professional competitive postures. Indeed, industry experts have boldly predicted that the impact of the coming era of IoT will have as great if not a greater impact than the Internet itself.

How to use licensing and entitlement management to monetize the myriad of opportunities of this brave new world is the subject of an important new ebook from Gemalto (News - Alert), Monetizing the Internet of Things. In fact, the size of what we are talking about is illustrated in the graphic below.

Source (News - Alert): Gemalto, ebook, Monetizing the Internet of Things

The objective of the eBook is to arm readers with views from licensing experts; to see the opportunities, get analyst insights, and take practical steps to realizing the right opportunities.

Topics covered by the experts include:

  • An opportunity to transform
  • Barriers to monetizing the IoT
  • Monetizing the IoT: success stories
  • We’re all software providers now
  • The benefits of licensing
  • To buy or build?
  • Ready for the future?

As the eBook notes, “History tells us it’s the companies that can reinvent themselves—based on the needs of their customers —that thrive.”   And, the proof is in the success stories along with the details as to why a next generation software monetization solution is so critical for ensuring success.

In fact, readers should commit to memory the insights in the first article on transformation, which starts with the observation that successful transformations start with three questions:

  1. What have I got?
  2. What do my customers need?
  3. How do I make it happen?

In the emerging ubiquitously connected world, having the right software monetization strategy, and putting the best tools in the hands of the right people, is the path to transformation success.

The eBook is filled with invaluable success stories. While they highlight specifics in various vertical markets, the lessons learned are applicable regardless of your company size, location or addressable markets. 

So what are your next steps on the path to successfully maximizing  your IoT prospects?  A good place to start is to download the eBook and see what experts, and those who have already enjoyed success, say about what you can and should consider.

Edited by Maurice Nagle