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What Adoption of Software Business Models Means for Device Vendors and Software Providers

June 03, 2016

Here is a question for readers.  “Do you believe that next generation value creation and the ability to establish and sustain differentiated competitive advantage is going to be heavily reliant on software?”

Actually, the question is a bit rhetorical.  The obvious answer is YES!  The reasons are that regardless of location, enterprise size or vertical market, For a long time now, many product or device-oriented companies have understood that their future value is in the software embedded in their products or that enable them to be useful and are transforming away from being product houses to service companies that monetize the value of the software and the information it generates.

This business transformation impacts every aspect of how an enterprise’s people, products, services and processes function. And, not the least of which is the need to adopt new software-centric business models that can help create more compelling outcomes for customers while simultaneously increase responsiveness and reduce operations costs.

This need to transition will be the subject of an informative webinar, “From Shipping Boxes to Delivering Software-Driven Value to Customers,” to be held June 16, 2016, 11 am EDT/ 3 pm GMT.  You are invited to take part in Gemalto’s (News - Alert) second Ask the Experts session of the year—part of Gemalto’s quarterly webcast series that looks at new trends in the licensing, entitlement, and protection space.

It features Amy Konary, Research VP of Software Licensing and Provisioning at IDC (News - Alert), and Mark Seery, Sr. Director, Strategy and Corporate Development at Juniper Networks. It will look at how cloud and virtualization are expediting the adoption of software business models and what this means for intelligent device vendors and software providers.

Key questions answered will include:

•What are the key forces driving this transformation?

•Which key business model elements must be in place?

•How are software and service supply chains fundamentally different from traditional product supply chains?

•What technology considerations should I focus on to enable this business?

•Who are the top 3 stakeholders within my organization and how should they adapt to this transformation?

A major reason to hear from and ask the experts is because such business transformations require C-level buy-in along with cooperation across lines of business with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities if success is to be achieved. It is a subject that Seery will discuss in detail.

In short, regardless of where your organization may be in transforming into an entity that is correctly positioned for the software-centric world that is already here and accelerating as the engine for next generation value creation, this is a session you should mark on your calendar to attend.   In fact, you also may wish to catch the first Ask the Experts session with Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert), "Get Connected To Profit: Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era." 

Edited by Maurice Nagle