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Cadac Unifies On Premises and Cloud Software Assets Using Gemalto Sentinel

September 30, 2016

Companies of all sizes are getting savvy to the inefficiencies and high costs associated with managing multiple disparate software licensing technologies. That was the case recently with Cadac Group, a provider of digital design information solutions, as the company sought to decrease costs, increase its back-office efficiencies, and provide a more friendly user experience for its customers.

Cadac had been using three different licensing platforms to manage its various software assets, creating operational hassles along with unnecessary complexity. The aggravation was being passed along to Cadac’s customers and the company realized it needed to migrate to a single platform solution to better meet its needs and needs of its customers.

Cadac was looking for a solution to unify and manage licensing of its entire product portfolio which included traditional and cloud-based software applications. It also needed to provide licensing and business model flexibility in order to better accommodate its customers. The company ultimately chose Gemalto’s Sentinel EMS with Cloud Licensing to manage its disparate licensing technologies through a single interface.

“Sentinel allows us to integrate the licensing process with our CRM system. It has provided the flexibility to assemble features into products and makes it easy to adapt our pricing to align with our customers' business cases,” said Paul Smeets, CTO of Cadac. “In addition, Sentinel is now helping us gather usage data, which will help us build a product roadmap closely aligned with our customers' needs.”

Cadac ultimately replaced its legacy licensing technology within days by building an SDK on top of the Sentinel Cloud SDK to support web-based applications and services. Gemalto’s solution helped the company standardize on a single licensing technology for all software products, regardless of whether they reside on premises or in the cloud. The result has been reduced operational costs, an improved customer experience, and massive increases in efficiency, which Cadac has been able to pass along to its customers.

“We don't believe that there is a ‘one size fits all’ licensing approach,” added Smeets. “We need to be flexible in terms of how we assemble our software components into solutions for our customers and in how we choose to align our software pricing with the business challenges of our customers. The return on investment is different for every solution and we needed a licensing and pricing model that we could easily adapt.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi