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Licensing Live: It's Time to Embrace Change

October 14, 2016

It’s that time of year again, when Gemalto dedicates time to bringing thought leaders, customers and others in the industry under one roof to listen, network and interact about all the latest in software monetization.

LicensingLive! is taking place Nov. 1-3 in Cupertino, Calif. at the Juniper Hotel. The topic this year: Embracing Change. Change is constant, and while many people might fear it, it is always a good thing. Change offers a chance to reevaluate and fix things that would otherwise go stagnant. 

Nothing describes our current world more than the word ‘change.’ We're living at a time when technologies and advancements are allowing new things to happen almost every day. As we move into this new, connected world, all of this change is also bringing with it, it's own set of challenges for those having to keep it all up and running.

If you’re a software company, intelligent device manufacturer, or hardware vendor, you likely already know the extra skill it takes to have seamless electronic software delivery and upgrades occur. Add to this a demographic of users who demand immediate, always-on and prompt service, and the issue becomes compounded.

This is where a software monetization platform can help. With it, hardware and software vendors can provide companies with what they need to deliver on the expectations of customers.

Next Generation Monetization Strategies for Embracing the NOW Economy will offer real life case studies and tips from experts on what to do to future proof your business for upcoming changes in the market.

For a closer look at the evolution of licensing and how the market is continuing to evolve, a session titled “Crossing the Licensing Chasm - How to Transition to a Recurring Revenue Model Today” will happen Nov. 2 at 1:30 p.m. and feature a host of industry experts detailing how they used software liscening to create revenue moments in the customer lifetime.

There will also be a session dedicated to one of the hottest topics today, the Internet of Things, and how businesses can prepare for this market which will be ripe with opportunities. “Monetize the IoT: Show me the Money” is happening Nov. 3 at 11:45 a.m.

And if IoT is your interest, a session most of us are excited to attend will feature philanthropist, entrepreneur, fitness expert, model, motivational speaker, humanitarian, father and NFL’s 6-Time Pro Bowler, Terrell Owens, to talk with attendees about the Internet of Things and the NFL.

There is certainly something for every one on the agenda so you’ll be ready for the Next Generation of Monetization as it happens.


Edited by Maurice Nagle