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The Importance of Knowing your Software Monetization Best Practices Score

November 21, 2016

Software licensing and monetization is a complex and challenging process these days, complicated by mobility, the cloud and a technology landscape that is undergoing a major transformation. The advent of the subscription-based, usage-based, applications and services driven economy is transforming the way software must be licensed and monetized in order for software producers and customers alike to glean the most value from their solutions.

Gemalto, a company that specializes in helping companies properly license and monetize their solutions in today’s changing marketplace, is offering a free webinar and a new white paper to guide customers in their efforts. The company has developed a Software Monetization Best Practices Lifecycle Methodology to guide businesses and help them increase efficiencies, improve the quality of their offerings and better connect and engage with their customers.

According to Gemalto (News - Alert), organizations need to fully understand the market requirements for their offerings to succeed in implementing a successful software licensing and monetization process. That means assessing how solutions work in an on-demand, SaaS (News - Alert) and usage-based basis. By operationalizing the entire software licensing process, businesses can glean maximum value from their investments while involving and keeping customers engaged and happy.

“In today’s world, software licensing is more than just protecting the intellectual property (IP) rights of a software solution,” writes Gemalto. “The economics of the on-demand SaaS business model require a more dynamic software monetization management system that can coordinate the packaging?and pricing of software solutions across various platforms, including mobile devices. The new software monetization management system must integrate with an organization’s back-office financial systems, but also its front-line customer support services. This end-to-end integration is essential to ensure the customer engagement experience is seamless from the initial onboarding process through?24/7 support.”

Gemalto’s Software Monetization Best Practices Lifecycle Methodology outlines a four-phase process designed to help companies successfully implement their software licensing and monetization plans and processes. Organizations begin with the discovery process, through which they determine monetization business objectives and align their specific needs with monetization solutions. This phase also helps set up measures and baselines for operating standards. The appraisal and optimization phase includes Gemalto software monetization consultants, who help companies with their system design and optimization. This includes an assessment of existing licensing processes as well as an actionable plan for evolving licensing and monetization strategies.

The third phase includes architecture and solution design, which defines business goals and vision critical to licensing strategies. The final phase, dubbed Go Live and Evolution, includes development of a project plan outlining success factors and risks associated with deployment of a monetization solution.

Gemalto’s strategy also includes a best practices scorecard, designed to help businesses measure their software implementation readiness and gauge their ongoing management capabilities in alignment with their business objectives.

Edited by Alicia Young