Software Monetization Featured Article

Gemalto Helping Companies Cross the Licensing Chasm

March 17, 2017

Companies today are under more pressure than ever to deliver products and services to customers – fast and with a smile. This isn’t just the era where beating out the competition meant offering the better price. Customers today are more informed and more demanding than ever before. To win in the market it takes a combination of delivering the right packaging, pricing, delivery, promotion and support. You cannot afford to miss the mark on either of these elements and this is where software monetization solutions assist.

Software monetization refers to collecting revenues for use of valuable software code developed by a company. It also brings with it the need to consider each aspect of how to derive value from the software including the packaging, control, management and monitoring.

Gemalto offers solutions for anyone – from startup to enterprise – that make it possible to grow business while still working seamlessly with outside products.

To talk more with companies about this shift in licensing today and how they can start the transition to a recurring revenue model, the company is hosting a series of “Lunch & Learn” sessions where attendees can learn, network and enjoy a great meal.

Industry experts from Simon-Kucher & PartnersAria Systems and Gemalto will be on hand to discuss everything you need to know about licensing and billing processes in the on-demand world.

The next event is taking place March 22 in Austin, TX, with future Lunch & Learn events happening in Denver, Boston and Chicago. If you’d like to receive an invitation please email for additional details.

If you aren’t able to attend live, then join the webinar right from your desk!  Register here.

Edited by Alicia Young