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Gemalto Provides Valuable Insights Into Servitization

June 12, 2017

To many, the term “Software Monetization” is a tricky one. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, chances are that you’re already embracing software monetization on a daily basis. Put simply, the word “monetization” refers to software vendors collecting revenue by selling rights to use the software that they developed and protecting their valuable code. Not only that, but monetization also involves enabling and sustaining revenue growth.

Going hand in hand with software monetization is servitization. We’ve seen servitization make quite a few headlines lately as it grows in popularity. It has garnered a reputation as being able to change the game for manufacturers, and is also known for aiding in the success of industrial automation.

There are a number of reasons that servitization has started to grow so quickly in popularity. However, its success can be largely attributed to technology innovation, increased hardware commoditization, and greater customer demand for value-added services and innovative business models. On that last point, according to Gemalto, “Companies in the high-end equipment sector are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way they incorporate Servitization into their business models to offer services to their customers beyond the physical product.”

With servitization becoming so important to business operations, it’s interesting to see certain high-end equipment vendors stay away from adding recurring revenue-based offerings to their product portfolios. Businesses need to make usage and consumption based models a part of their future strategies in order to succeed with customers, so why aren’t more doing so?

An upcoming webinar from Gemalto (News - Alert) will explore these questions while taking a closer look at how to successfully embrace and launch emerging servitization business models. The webinar, titled “Top Servitization Business Models in the High End Equipment Sector,” is a part of Gemalto’s quarterly Ask the Experts series, and will take place on June 14 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / 5 p.m. CEST.

Attendees will get the chance to hear from Dale Hopkinson, Senior Presales Consultant at Gemalto as he discusses the drivers of servitization in the high-end equipment sector; the top servitization business models; and recommendations.

As an added bonus, a recording will be sent to all registrants so they can go back and listen to Dale’s advice and insights on the subject. If you’re interested, you can REGISTER HERE.

Edited by Maurice Nagle