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Snell Chooses Gemalto Sentinel for Its On Demand Framework

June 19, 2017

Software solutions providers face many tradeoffs today. Of course, they want a flexible product to attack as many customers as possible. They also want a secure way to protect their intellectual property from theft and misuse.  In the past, it has sometimes been hard to do both simultaneously.

In broadcasting, file-based media processing is on the rise for format and frame rate conversion so broadcasters can distribute content while still retaining the rights to it. In the past, broadcast and post-production involved baseband real-time systems to support live TV broadcast. With the rise of over the top services, this too is changing, and broadcasters are having to find new ways to distribute content.

Broadcast and post-production technology solutions provider Snell developed its Snell On Demand Framework to address the needs of a rapidly changing market. To do so, the company needed a flexible but secure way to license its new technology while also protecting the intellectual property contained in its software code. The company picked Gemalto Sentinel to secure its competitive advantage, to power flexible and scalable licensing, and ultimately, to grow its business.

Gemalto’s (News - Alert) Sentinel software monetization portfolio provides software companies or any company that licenses a solution with software licensing, protection, and entitlement management solutions that can help them monetize their software, extracting as much value as possible to drive business growth. Sentinel is available in three ways: in the cloud, embedded in hardware, or installed on p?remises.

According to the Snell case study, the Snell On Demand framework was developed to transform the company’s postproduction solutions from purely hardware-based to software-based.

“The new Snell On Demand software framework allows us to offer our broadcast and post production customers solutions which have previously only been offered in custom designed hardware,” stated Jeremy Courtney, business leader for Snell On Demand.

Enabled by its Snell On Demand framework, Snell now offers its Quasar OD and Alchemist OD products as software, powered by commodity off the shelf IT equipment from makers such as HP, Juniper Networks (News - Alert), and others. The company needed strong security to protect its intellectual property (and the code against reverse-engineering) while still allowing customers to order the solutions through its online store.

Snell integrated the Sentinel EMS license server with its Snell On Demand store to enable online customer self-service – including payment, automated order fulfillment, activation, maintenance releases, and upgrades. Once payment clears, EMS creates the entitlement and returns an activation code to the customer. To enable future integration of Sentinel EMS with Snell’s CRM system, Gemalto also supplied a (News - Alert) Connector. Through integration of the Sentinel license server with its online store, Snell has eliminated the need for manual fulfillment processes — saving time, reducing operational costs, and the potential for errors.

“Operating in a dynamic e-commerce space means we are dealing with an increasingly digital-savvy client base, and offering that extra security and ease-of-deployment for our software packages is what makes all the difference,” said Courtney. “One of the advantages of our Snell On Demand framework is its flexibility and scalability and we wanted the same in the protection and licensing solution that we chose. The addition of Sentinel RMS and EMS has only enhanced that.”