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Case Study Highlights Software Monetization Benefits

July 31, 2017

Industrial production software company Quadrature is using the Gemalto (News - Alert) (News - Alert) Sentinel Software Monetization solution. And Gemalto has published a case study highlighting the deployment.

Quadrature is using the Gemalto software monetization platform in concert with a new version of its WinPro software, which allows for accurate quote generation, design, lifecycle product management, ordering, and production of door, shutter, and window hardware. The WinPro software is used by businesses, craftspeople, and other entities in the building portal and enclosure value chain.

Prior to adopting the Gemalto software monetization solution, Quadrature protected and enforced licensing related to WinPro with SuperPro dongles and a homegrown software-based licensing system. But as Quadrature’s customers called for anytime/anywhere software licenses, flexible pricing models, and instant delivery, the company began to feel the limitations of its existing licensing and enforcement management approaches.

In a move to allow for greater scale, enable channel partner and customer self-service, protect its trade secrets, and support new business models (like post-paid-per-use), Quadrature decided to deploy an array of Gemalto solutions. That included Sentinel Cloud Licensing for EMS, Sentinel EMS Channel Portal, Sentinel EMS as a Service, Sentinel RMS, and on-site Sentinel product training.

“We chose Gemalto Sentinel because we saw?an opportunity to grow our business, streamline our operations, expand profits, and improve our customer and channel relations,” said Quadrature CEO Henri Picot.

“We selected Gemalto Sentinel RMS with Sentinel Cloud to protect WinPro,” he explained. “We also chose Sentinel EMS-as-a-Service to manage license keys, entitlements, and enable remote product activations, upgrades, and reporting. And the Sentinel EMS Channel Portal enables our channel partners to generate, manage, and view their entitlements in the field.”

The engagement also involved the Sentinel Training team providing two days of training at Quadrature’s headquarters in Belgium to inform the company’s team on Sentinel functionality and how to implement and use it.

Edited by Alicia Young