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Successful Software Licensing Requires Holistic Approaches

November 03, 2017

The way solutions are bought and sold is changing in a major way. That’s prompting more and more businesses to sell their offerings with a software opposed to selling a devise or hardware only. And that creates the need for companies to create and maintain flexible and new software licensing strategies.

But, as a white paper from Gemalto notes, licensing is not just about the technology. It’s also about people and processes. And that fact, the company says, often gets overlooked.

As companies move to embrace this new software- and services-centric world, Gemalto (News - Alert) says they first need to map out a licensing strategy based on their vision. Only then, the company says, can they effectively do technology integration and introduce licensing programs.

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The first steps on the business process integration front, according to Gemalto, are setting priorities and laying out a vision for the corporate licensing strategy. Then, it says, a company should define its licensing philosophies and policies. Doing license model development, requirement specification development, license use case identification, and technology and vendor selection typically come next, it says. And then they can further into the business process integration as well as address technology integration.

Establishing team and team leaders to champion software licensing is a very important part of this effort, says Gemalto.

It suggests businesses appoint someone at their organization to be the key point person for licensing This person needs a good customer background, it says. And Gemalto adds that someone in product management is typically a good pick.

This individual should be part of a larger licensing team. The team should do regular licensing reviews. That will enable the company and its software licensing to evolve as the market it addresses changes over time.

Edited by Maurice Nagle