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Gemalto Offers Software Monetization Best Practices

November 16, 2017

Selling and servicing physical goods is an inflexible, involved, and expensive process. It entails building objects that aren’t easily changed; transporting those physical items to distributors and customers; and then creating and delivering products all over again the next time.

Providing customers with software-based solutions also has its challenges. But it makes distribution a whole lot easier and cheaper. It allows for faster iteration and innovation. And, given the way always-on connectivity and big data is transforming traditional markets, it’s the direction in which business is headed.

That’s why businesses are increasingly delivering their solutions in the form of software.

However, the migration from selling hardware-based to software-based solutions requires companies to look at their businesses in entirely new ways. Rather than relying on one-time product sales, businesses can now introduce on-demand and usage-based pricing.

But that calls for new licensing processes and the implementation of software monetization platforms, Gemalto (News - Alert) and THINKstrategies note in their white paper “Software Monetization Best Practices: Lifecycle Methodology and Implementation Plan.” The paper also discusses the Gemalto Software Monetization Best Practices Scorecard, which enables organizations to determine their readiness and requirements related to this new way of doing business. And it helps them understand how best to address these concerns.

“Market leading companies can achieve their business objectives by adopting a Software Licensing Solution Design process like Gemalto has developed,” the paper suggests. “This process can help organizations thoroughly assess their software licensing and monetization requirements and analyze their alternatives.

“The Software Monetization Best Practices Lifecycle Methodology also enables companies to act quickly to implement repeatable software licensing and monetization policies,” it adds. “These policies should be supported by agile technologies which can automate their business processes and optimize their effectiveness.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz