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How Cambium Used Flexible Licensing to Add Value

December 18, 2017

Selling customers new solutions is frequently an uphill battle. When they already have technology in place from competing providers, it’s like an uphill battle both ways in the snow.

You can sell them on how your solution is different and better, of course. But even then, customers may not want to walk away from their existing investments. It’s also likely they will want to avoid the costs and human resources needed to physically dismantle that gear and install your new stuff.

But what if you could enable organizations to benefit from your solutions without ripping and replacing, and without expensive truck rolls?

That’s exactly what wireless infrastructure solution provider Cambium Networks was able to do with a new licensing model related to its ePMP Elevate offering. Mike Glish, vice president of global services at Cambium Networks (News - Alert), talked about the new and improved ePMP Elevate in a recent presentation.

The new ePMP Elevate solution is software-based, which means no truck roll is required. “The customer doesn’t even have to buy one of our subscriber modules,” Glish added. They can simply run ePMP Elevate software on their existing hardware from Cambium competitors. And they can use Cambium’s hardware and software solutions only for new installations.

This new offering also:

• enables wireless service providers to pay only for the licenses they use,

• gives those WISPs a grace period to purchase more subscriber modules later if they need to go beyond their license count,

• leverages automation and pool-based licensing via Gemalto’s Sentinel Cloud, and

• shares licenses across the network as opposed to fixing them to each access point, so if an AP malfunctions, customers can be dynamically switched to a neighboring AP and therefore never lose connectivity.

All this provides Cambium and its WISP customers with much more flexibility than it previous licensing approach. That married licenses to access points. And it required Cambium customers to go through a lot more manual steps to get new services provisioned.

But with Gemalto’s (News - Alert) Sentinel RMS on the access points it’s a whole lot easier, said Glish. “The subscriber module says ‘hey, I’d like to connect” and AP says ‘OK, connect,’” and the connection is made automatically.

Edited by Maurice Nagle