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Licensing Key to Device Vendors' Digital Transformation

January 09, 2018

Business in just about every vertical has been disrupted. Many organizations are responding by implementing digital transformation initiatives. What those efforts look like varies by the entity. But for intelligent device vendors that typically involves expanding from selling boxes to selling services related to those devices.

A key part of their digital transformations, Gemalto says, should be to decide between building and buying a licensing management system. And it should come as no surprise that the company suggests buying a licensing management system is the best way to go. That’s because, the company explains, it enables the intelligent device vendor to focus on its core business and use an experienced partner for the licensing management part.

But figuring out the best way to get a licensing management system, and then implementing it, are just the beginning of the IDV digital transformation journey, notes Nonit Sahni in a Jan. 3 Gemalto blog. IDVs must also effect the change within their organizations needed to move forward their transitions to selling and supporting more service-based offerings. Only then can businesses effectively design solutions and make all the needed changes to ensure their digital transformations stay on track, says Sahni, technical product marketing manager for Gemalto (News - Alert).

The first steps on the business process integration front, Gemalto has said in the past, are setting priorities and laying out a vision for the corporate licensing strategy. Then, it says, a company should define its licensing philosophies and policies. Doing license model development, requirement specification development, license use case identification, and technology and vendor selection typically come next, it says. And then they can further into the business process integration as well as address technology integration.

Establishing team and team leaders to champion software licensing is a very important part of this effort, says Gemalto. It suggests businesses appoint someone at their organization to be the key point person for licensing. This person needs a good customer background, it says. Gemalto adds that someone in product management is typically a good pick.

Edited by Maurice Nagle