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Medical Device Company Delivers with Sentinel

January 25, 2018

Medical device solution provider Stryker Corp. has enhanced the customer experience it delivers, reduced costs, and streamlined its operations with the help of Gemalto’s Sentinel licensing technology.

Stryker caters to hospitals, which are seeing a trend of shrinking capital budgets. The company sells a solution called the SDC3, which addresses sterilization quality control and streamlines operating room setup.

The company had been a Gemalto customer before it set out on the transformation effort described above. Stryker had used Sentinel hardware dongles to enable and enforce licensing of its SDC3 products.

But the delivery times and costs involved with the dongle approach to licensing were not ideal for Stryker or its hospital customers. Preparing and shipping each dongle cost Stryker around $400. And if dongles needed to be replaced or other support were required, that added more cost. Plus, getting the dongles to customers took at least three days.

“It was frustrating for our customers,” said Stryker senior manager Saeed Elfadil Saeed. “The hospital would have the SDC3 box sitting in front of them, but would have to wait for us to ship the dongle in order to use specific features.”

So Stryker set out on a project that would enable same-day ordering and activation of the dongles. But this was more than just a one-off initiative.

Stryker also wanted a license management platform that would let it establish enterprise entitlement and license management systems for all its products. These systems had to integrate with the Oracle (News - Alert) and implementations Stryker already had in place. And Stryker sought a licensing system that would allow it to adopt new license models including concurrent users, subscriptions, trials, and usage-based offerings.

The company considered building the licensing system internally. But that was not its core competency, so it looked at three commercial licensing suppliers.

Ultimately, it chose Gemalto’s Sentinel. Specifically, Stryker is using the Sentinel EMS and Sentinel Cloud Connect hosted by Gemalto. Sentinel EMS manages all license definitions, license generation, and collection of license usage data. Sentinel Cloud Connect is a cloud-based license server that services applications integrated with Sentinel APIs.

The company is implementing the solutions in a two-phases approach. The first phase, which addresses the dongle issue and supports 20 licensing use cases, is now complete. And phase two will enable direct integration between Sentinel EMS and the Oracle and (News - Alert) platforms; support for more use cases including isolated network environments; and the introduction of new license models including a post-paid usage option and subscription-based offerings.

“Phase one of the Sentinel Cloud licensing implementation has been so successful that we had no problem showing the value and getting the executive support we needed to begin phase two,” said Saeed.

 “With capex budgets shrinking, we knew we needed more flexibility in licensing our value-value devices,” he added. “For example, instead of purchasing the device upfront, hospitals could pay only when they used the device. It was time for a change.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle