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Gemalto's Licensing Solution Helps Businesses Address Change

January 31, 2018

You are probably aware that software is where the world is going now. And it’s the wave of the future. Software is indeed eating the world. Marc Andreessen was right about that. So companies in the business of selling equipment need to shift their focus to software. That’s because software-centric strategies position them to innovate faster, introduce new pricing and packaging to better meet marketplace needs and move into new markets, and grow their revenues.

That calls for new systems to manage those software licenses. And it’s leading many organizations to ask themselves whether it’s better to build their own license management and software monetization solutions, or to buy them from specialists.

Folks considering the do-it-yourself approach may think a homegrown solution will give them more control, be cheaper, require less training, and be easier to maintain. But, a new ebook from Gemalto says they are mistaken. And it says the reason why is the constant state of change.

The ebook “Software Licensing & Entitlement Management: The Build vs. Buy Dilemma” says the Gemalto (News - Alert) platform provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability to address software licensing and monetization in both the near and long term. And it compares what’s happening now with software licensing to what happened a few years back with CRM and ERP systems.

“An historical example of the need to adapt to business change was the rapid growth of ERP and CRM systems,” Gemalto says. “ERP asked people to change the way they did business and this sort of change was instinctively met with skepticism. The benefits were unclear, the costs were unknown, and the value was not apparent.

“Today those arguments seem less valid,” Gemalto continues, adding: “A license management system is not entirely different in its scope from ERP and CRM systems. The most significant similarity is in how they all touch almost every department within an organization. This is where an in-house licensing system can become problematic.”

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz