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Cadac Group Employs Gemalto's Sentinel

February 06, 2018

Cadac Group provides digital design platforms that makes it easier for its customers to create, manage, and share their projects. But it had some of its own software needs behind the scenes.

The company was using three different software licensing platforms, which made things unnecessarily cumbersome. And that, Cadac Group said, made it less able to respond to customer and market needs. So it set off to explore how it could transition to a single software licensing platform.

At first Cadac Group considered building a new licensing platform in house. After all, it is a software company. But it’s not on software licensing specialist. So, ultimately, Cadac Group decided it was best to go with vendor-supplied solution.

Its goal was to select a proven solution that would be able to manage software licensing for both its SaaS-based and traditional offerings. Those offerings include the Cadac Organice Suite, a leading engineering collaboration solution based on Microsoft (News - Alert) SharePoint and Autodesk Vault. They also include Cadac TheModus Suite, a cloud-based platform for the architectural, engineering, and construction industry using Autodesk (News - Alert) Revit.

After researching an array of software licensing platforms, Cadac Group circled in on Gemalto’s Sentinel EMS with Cloud Licensing.

Gemalto (News - Alert) has a mature product line and a solid reputation,” says Cadac Group CTO Paul Smeets. “We already used Sentinel RMS technology in some of our products. And based on that experience and the great story around Sentinel EMS and Cloud Licensing, the choice was easy.

“The hardest part was to come up with a clear product definition from our product managers,” he added. “In a workshop run by Gemalto’s Professional Service people that included all stakeholders, we were able to align our requirements with the Sentinel technology. After that, it was easy to implement Sentinel EMS and Cloud Licensing with our products.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle