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How Software Monetization Enables Digital Transformation

March 12, 2018

We all understand that software-centric companies have disrupted many industries. The cloud has enabled these newcomers to quickly turn up services and win customers. That’s prompted existing companies to reassess their businesses and begin digital transformation initiatives.

Evolving into more agile and software-focused businesses means different things to different companies. But it often involves a migration from selling assets through one-time purchase agreements to delivering solutions-as-a-service. This is where the market is going, so it’s become an imperative rather than a choice.

For businesses, software-centric models allow for less expensive and faster delivery of products and product updates. And, with the right tools in place, they can make sure only authorized parties are using their software. Plus they can track software usage trends so they can upsell customers and improve future design.

For customers, software-centric offerings offer the ability to buy and pay for solutions based on need. And it means their suppliers – and, thus, their own businesses – can be more responsive and innovative.

So how can you as a business make that happen for itself and its customers?

The answer is by creating a well-planned digital transformation strategy. And then by acquiring a software monetization solution to support that effort. These platforms enable companies to distribute, track, and manage software licenses and usage on their products. These are vital functions of digital transformation.

And when you can do all that you can

• better track your assets

• understand how customers are using your solutions

• more effectively package your existing and future offerings

• create different versions of the product and do A/B testing on them

• do segmentation and deliver customized software-based solutions for those different markets

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Edited by Maurice Nagle