Software Monetization Featured Article

Software Monetization Involves Control, Management, Tracking & Packaging Flexibility

April 05, 2018

A growing number of companies now deliver value to their customers in the form of software and services. That’s good news, because software is much easier and more affordable to distribute, update, and expand upon. And the move to services and on-demand models provides solution providers’ with recurring revenue and enables their customers to pay for only what they need.

However, to make sure they and their customers get the most out of their solutions, software publishers need to be able to control, manage, package, and track their offerings.

What we mean by control and management, is that software companies need to know who is authorized to use their software and have a solution in place to ensure only those individuals and organizations are able to use it.

“Effective usage control will render pirated versions of software useless and ensure that paying customers only access the software as intended by the terms of their license agreement,” according to Gemalto in its white paper “The Four Cornerstones of a Comprehensive Software Monetization Strategy”.

Gemalto (News - Alert) goes on to say that good entitlement management tools address every step of the license, entitlement, and software delivery process. And these tools, it adds, can be automated for ease of use by both software owners and their customers.

A good software monetization platform also enables organizations to track the usage of their property. That helps them secure their assets and can provide insight into what features customers use most and what they don’t use as much, or at all. That can help inform their future software packaging and design initiatives.

It’s important for companies to have flexibility in the software they deliver and the models through which they deliver it. Because customer needs and market trends change over time. And software companies want to be able to change with them.

“For true product versatility, you need to establish a value for each feature within your catalog and then have the ability to bundle those individual features into multiple service packages with a variety of pricing options,” says Gemalto. “The ability to tie together components of your offering into different packages without engineering effort or writing one line of code, enables you to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the right offering for every customer every time.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle