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Casio Deploys Gemalto EMS & RMS with Real Results

April 30, 2018

From developing the world’s personal calculator to enabling a new era in education, Casio (News - Alert) possesses a rich history in technology. As the consumer electronics company continues efforts to lead the technology push in the classroom, Casio turned to a trusted partner to further take advantage of the growing prevalence of technology in education.

Gemalto (News - Alert) unveiled a partnership with Casio, which will implement the Gemalto Sentinel Entitlement Management Systems (EMS) in addition to software license Rights Management System (RMS) solutions to improve visibility into how products are used an drive revenue opportunities.

"The education sector is changing to a more digital focus and companies operating in this space need to change with it," said Shlomo Weiss, senior vice president of Software Monetization at Gemalto. "Through this business transformation, our technology will enable Casio to meet the demands of its customers and offer an innovative service that can meet these emerging trends." 

Since implementation, the two solutions are providing enhanced control and visibility, in addition to streamlined business operations and improved revenue. And, in selecting Gemalto’s EMS and RMS, Casio is positioned to serve education well as both a hardware and software leader.

The pairing of solutions empowers Casio to optimize offerings for each market to meet student needs, with the channel being a critical component of the sales process.

Tomoaki Satoh, General Manager, Product Planning Department, Consumer & Educational Solution Product Division for Casio. "Now, thanks to Gemalto's advanced technology and insights, we've been able to address new markets, streamline our fulfillment process, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs. We are looking forward to growing together through collaboration and cooperation."?

Education is fundamental. Technology is offering the opportunity to provide transformational type learning experiences, and Casio is fore of this movement.

Edited by Maurice Nagle