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Gemalto Emphasizes Importance of Software Monetization

October 05, 2018

Software-based solutions allow for greater flexibility in delivery method, product packaging and evolution, and updates and upsells. But the organizations that deliver software-based offerings need to have the necessary tools to allow for all that – and to secure their solutions from authorized use.

Licensing and monetization platforms fit the bill.

Some businesses elect to build such platforms in house. But those systems may lack the flexibility and functionality of software licensing and monetization platforms from companies like Gemalto (News - Alert).

Speaking of Gemalto, the company recently came out with The State of Software Monetization report. One of the key takeaways was that ISVs need to adapt to meet user demands including software delivered as a service, and that software licensing and monetization platforms can help them do that. Another was that ISVs using external licensing solutions have more flexible packaging and find it easier to support their software on multiple devices.

“ISVs with a home-grown solution are almost twice as likely to find it very or extremely difficult to have visibility into how their products are being used,” Gemalto explains.

Here are a few other statistics from the report:

• 85 percent of those surveyed said software vendors need to constantly adapt to evolving market needs

• 83 percent believe software packaging should be flexible

• 81 percent say software should be accessible regardless of device

• the vast majority of ISVs said they are challenged by software licensing (91 percent) and packaging (88 percent)

• 41 percent of ISVs said they’re experiencing difficulty with software licensing flexibility and supporting software on multiple devices

• 84 percent of ISVs say they worry the software they’ve developed will be compromised

• 43 percent of enterprises say their organization has been non compliant with at least one of their software license agreements

At Licensing Live! Gemalto will be discussing more about the role of software licensing and monetization in enabling solution providers to secure and gain the greatest financial benefits from their software-based offerings. Licensing Live! will take place Nov. 12 and 13 in San Jose, Calif. To register, click here.

Edited by Maurice Nagle