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Keeping Customers Informed to Grow Revenue

February 15, 2019

Communication is key  in business. Whether we’re talking about the Monday conference call with the sales team or educating customers on product updates and patches, exceptional communication can result in your bottom line results. In our software-driven, SaaStastic reality, keeping customers informed is a great way to generate revenue.

Let’s walk through a use case. Recently, a United States-based independent software vendor that develops scientific graphic software for technical engineers and geologists was facing a number of challenges. First and foremost, it was missing the mark on keeping customers in the loop on value-added services, renewals and product updates.

Digging deeper, the software vendor lacked direct contact with end users. Nearly 70 percent of emails sent to customers, resellers or distributors never reach the end user. Because there is no end user awareness, people actually putting this software to work remain unaware of new services, products or features. Taking this a step further, when customers do not receive regular contact or engagement software vendors run the risk of customer attrition. The company central to our case must protect future revenue, and is searching for a solution fit to build recurring revenue from direct sales of maintenance contracts.

The solution aimed at overcoming these stumbling blocks: Sentinel Up. The software distribution solution empowers the independent software vendor to deliver end users with in-app notifications; promote value-added support services and maintenance plans; keep customers up to date with regular service packs that include feature enhancements and bug fixes; and educate the end user with product related information in regard to best practice.

Sentinel Up was able to introduce a friendly way to build customer engagement and deliver customer value.  The scientific graphic software provider asked for a solution to improve customer loyal, enhance the customer experience, promote product and maximize revenue. The Gemalto (News - Alert) solution checks all the boxes.

Communication is vital for software vendors. How are you touching end users?  

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