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Software Vendors Don't Overlook UX in Monetization Efforts

March 01, 2019

For businesses of all kinds, the customer experience is paramount. For software solution providers, the customer experience extends from the incubation lab to final deployment, with the user experience (UX) being a prominent focus – at least it should be.

Are you seated? Recent research indicates that nearly 90 percent of customers won’t return to a website after a bad experience. We knew the number was high, but that result carries a bit of a wow figure. It’s time to learn how to improve the UX.

Everything is moving in a digital direction, and while we’ve eased into this era of transformation, the impact of the digital experience is making the difference in our purchasing decisions. For businesses, digitization can offer much in the way of efficiency, cutting costs and increasing agility, and as companies depend more and more on software-based solutions the way these products are sold, marketed and monetized is more important than ever.

What does this mean for intelligence device and software vendors? It translates to a deeper dive into what it means to have a software licensing and management strategy as to better take advantage of what this transformation, automate functionality and reduce support costs.   In addition, doing so in an efficient and end user-friendly way is an exceptional way to deliver value to your customers and to  increase revenue streams.

UX plays a critical role in software monetization.  Delight your customers, increase customer satisfaction by delivering a great customer experience.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle