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QSC: From Rock and Roll Hardware to a Software Driven Business

April 24, 2019

Recently, hardware turned software vendor QSC experienced the evolution of software licensing from protecting your intellectual property to delivering customer value.

Driving disruption and transformation to deliver customer value   begins with transforming the way you do business to the way your customers want to do business with you.  Market leaders and smart companies like QSC focus on innovation and leave software fulfilment and delivery to experts.

QSC is a 50 year old hardware company, and  Chris Humphrey, VP of Marketing at QSC said in a recent interview, “We started off in the rock n’ roll business,” and with the assistance of the Sentinel ® Suite of solutions, “embarked on a journey to move into the software realm. Not only in our products, but our delivery in our business models.”

Modern IT is evolving with the times as well, as Director Product Management QSC TJ Adams explained, “We are trying to adapt ourselves to be more in line with expectations of the new IT buyer.” As a firm that works in the weeds of AV solutions, integrations and the like, it’s critical to meet the needs of the modern buyer, and support modern methods of delivery.  Ensuring satisfied end users with streamlined software updates and a seamless experience is paramount in supporting customers.

Anna Csontos, SVP, Chief of Staff said that QSC participated at LicensingLive! to, “tell our story and let other companies understand how Gemalto (News - Alert) (now Thales Group)  helps us understand the licensing space and how to leverage licensing to transform business.”

Watch the interview here

Edited by Maurice Nagle