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HPE Discusses Impact of Automating the Software Supply chain with Software License Management as the First Step in Increasing Customer Satisfaction

May 14, 2019

Listen to your customers!

Take feedback constructively to build long term, loyal partner and customer relationships. When customers speak, you should listen.  If you don’t the only ones that will be happy is your competition. 

 Recently, we had a chat with HPE about automating the software supply chain to provide self service, gain value customer insight and feedback to deliver actionable customer value, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

“If you make it hard for software customers to get what they already paid for, you know that is not only annoying but illegal,” exclaimed Licensing Services Manager HPE Dana Whitmore during a recent interview. Whitmore continued, “We found that when companies tell us we are hard to do business with that is a material effect to our bottom line. And we lose customers. It becomes an element of whether we retain a customer or not.”

For HPE, it was critical to find the right partner for its transformation, and finding the right fit was no small feat. Whitmore explained in the interview, HPE was seeking a company that could work with them in a highly professional services oriented environment and enable the ability to interface with pieces of infrastructure in addition to make adjustments to others. 

“We had certain design objectives… and really Thales Group/Gemalto was the only one in the market that had that kind of architecture,” noted Whitmore. She talked about the value of partnering with  Thales Group/Gemalto’s (News - Alert) to  meet HPE and provide a map to begin HPE’s journey saying  “I probably wouldn’t have realized at the time how much of an impact on partners and customers..we try everything we can so their experience of coming back to HPE to give us the information we need to provide them with product is quick is simple and intuitive as possible so that it’s a good experience for the customer not a bad one.”

Automating the software supply chain has given HPE the competitive advantage and as a result they have seen continuous increase in customer’s satisfaction, and with their ability to gain customer insights real time to provide real customer value.


Edited by Maurice Nagle