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Software vendors are losing revenue
DUE TO RIGID licensing and delivery options

What is Software Monetization?

Watch The New Norm embrace the Challenges of Digital Disruption with Software Monetization

Watch The New Norm embrace the Challenges of Digital Disruption with Software Monetization

What Exactly Is Software Monetization?

You may not have heard of the term Software Monetization before or maybe you have but are unsure of what it means.  Most likely you are already embracing software monetization but you refer to it as licensing.

For many software vendors, monetization simply means collecting revenue by selling rights to use the software that they developed and protecting their valuable code.  In this case monetization challenges revolve around protecting the revenue stream and defending themselves from piracy, theft, reverse-engineering, and misuse of software. But, monetization goes beyond just protecting revenue and involves enabling and sustaining revenue growth. With the adoption of cloud computing, virtualization, advancements in mobile technology and greater end user expectations for a great experience are forcing companies to change the way that they engage with their end users. For example, today’s end users want to do business with companies that provide them flexible licensing models (such as pay-per-use, user-centric, subscription), and provide a great experience and service- anytime, anywhere. In the post-sale economy, the relationship with the end user doesn’t end when the order is placed.  As a  market leader, your customers expect to be delighted and they expect that  their interactions with your company will be simpler, faster and more intimate.

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Medical Equipment Vendors Need an Embedded Software Monetization Strategy

Medical equipment manufacturers are moving away from a hardware-centric approach and using embedded software as their intellectual property. The industry needs to protect that IP through a comprehensive embedded software monetization strategy.


Constellation Research to present a live webinar on New Business Models for the IoT

On Wednesday, June 14 at 1:00 p.m. EST, Constellation Research CEO, R "Ray" Wang and the Gemalto team will be putting on a webinar titled "Building New Business Models with the Internet Of Things."The purpose will be to help companies understand what they need to build their own IoT businesses.


Servitization and the Path to Success for Industrial Automation

The Industrial Automation equipment sector is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way it incorporates Servitization into their business models to offer services to their customers beyond the physical product. What is stopping you from adding recurring revenue-based offerings to your product portfolio? Are you enforcing preventive maintenance and repair operations? Are you charging a relicensing fee when your equipment is sold on the secondary market? Is pay-per-use part of your future strategy?


The Buy vs. Build Dilemma for Software Monetization

Software companies need to weigh the pros and cons of building a custom software licensing and monetization solution versus purchasing an established and secure offering.


Broadcast Company Snell Moves to Software-Centric Licensing and Monetization

Snell, which specializes in broadcast and post production technologies, implemented Gemalto's Sentinel solutions to meet the licensing and monetization demands of its new software-centric delivery approach.


Cloud-Based Software Licensing a Helpful Tool for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is becoming the biggest competitive differentiator for businesses. Software licensing and monetization solutions like Gemalto's Sentinel EMS track customer engagement and satisfaction while also managing the software license lifecycle.


The Evolving Business Model for High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment manufacturers are already transitioning to a software-centric business model to remain competitive in today's technology climate. Having the proper tools in place to license and monetize their offerings as they migrate their business models will be critical to their success.


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