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Software vendors are losing revenue
DUE TO RIGID licensing and delivery options

What is Software Monetization?

Watch The New Norm embrace the Challenges of Digital Disruption with Software Monetization

Watch The New Norm embrace the Challenges of Digital Disruption with Software Monetization

What Exactly Is Software Monetization?

You may not have heard of the term Software Monetization before or maybe you have but are unsure of what it means.  Most likely you are already embracing software monetization but you refer to it as licensing.

Software Monetization Featured Articles

Driving Operational Efficiency in the Digital Supply Chain

There are many complexities to think about when it comes to creating software-based processes and virtual deliverables, including different customer expectations. How the product is going to be delivered to the customer is too often an afterthought, when it should be considered at the beginning of the design process if software monetization is to be maximized.


Snell Chooses Gemalto Sentinel for Its On Demand Framework

Broadcast and post-production technology solutions provider Snell developed its Snell On Demand Framework to address the needs of a rapidly changing market. To do so, the company needed a flexible but secure way to license its new technology while also protecting the intellectual property contained in its software code.


Gemalto Provides Valuable Insights Into Servitization

An upcoming webinar from Gemalto will take a closer look at how to successfully embrace and launch emerging servitization business models. The webinar, titled "Top Servitization Business Models in the High End Equipment Sector," is a part of Gemalto's quarterly Ask the Experts series, and will take place on June 14 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / 5 p.m. CEST.


Pricing and Packaging Strategies for the SaaS Era

The SaaS and cloud business models offer a host of benefits to ISVs and their customers. By carefully crafting their pricing and packaging strategies for the SaaS era, ISVs can ensure they're gleaning the most value from their offerings.


Medical Equipment Vendors Need an Embedded Software Monetization Strategy

Medical equipment manufacturers are moving away from a hardware-centric approach and using embedded software as their intellectual property. The industry needs to protect that IP through a comprehensive embedded software monetization strategy.


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