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Software vendors are losing revenue
DUE TO RIGID licensing and delivery options

What is Software Monetization?

Watch The New Norm embrace the Challenges of Digital Disruption with Software Monetization

Watch The New Norm embrace the Challenges of Digital Disruption with Software Monetization

What Exactly Is Software Monetization?

You may not have heard of the term Software Monetization before or maybe you have but are unsure of what it means.  Most likely you are already embracing software monetization but you refer to it as licensing.

For many software vendors, monetization simply means collecting revenue by selling rights to use the software that they developed and protecting their valuable code.  In this case monetization challenges revolve around protecting the revenue stream and defending themselves from piracy, theft, reverse-engineering, and misuse of software. But, monetization goes beyond just protecting revenue and involves enabling and sustaining revenue growth. With the adoption of cloud computing, virtualization, advancements in mobile technology and greater end user expectations for a great experience are forcing companies to change the way that they engage with their end users. For example, today’s end users want to do business with companies that provide them flexible licensing models (such as pay-per-use, user-centric, subscription), and provide a great experience and service- anytime, anywhere. In the post-sale economy, the relationship with the end user doesn’t end when the order is placed.  As a  market leader, your customers expect to be delighted and they expect that  their interactions with your company will be simpler, faster and more intimate.

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Trimble Navigation is working with Gemalto as the company moves from a hardware focus to software-based offerings. As Trimble transitions to a SaaS and subscription model for many of its offerings, the company is steadily transforming its licensing and revenue model to keep pace.


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There are many challenges involved when transitioning to a recurring revenue model but with the proper analysis and planning, companies can better monetize their software and solutions by transitioning their revenue models.


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Madhavan Ramanujam, a monetization and pricing expert with consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, recently presented on software monetization musts during a Gemalto sponsored Webinar titled: "Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around Price."


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Medical equipment vendors can use software monetization solutions to stay competitive as they transition to an embedded software and services-based business model.


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An upcoming TMC webinar sponsored by Gemalto, titled "Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around Price," will discuss a model for successful product monetization and how companies can design their products around price.


Best Practices are Key to Software Monetization in Today's Tech Economy

Organizations that develop and sell software and services should follow a best practices methodology to software monetization to ensure they are gleaning the most value from their offerings for themselves and their customers.


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