What is Software Monetization?

The term "software monetization" on its face seems simple. In theory it describes a company's extraction of the fully-appreciated value from the software it creates and sells. However, theory and reality do not always overlap. In fact, regardless of software type, or how it is delivered into the market for commercial use, the ability to optimize the value of software products and services must address a variety of issues.

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Top 12 Licensing Challenges Software Executives are Facing
by Michael Welch, VP Sales North America


Extracting Full Value from New Product Launches
by Joshua Bloom , Partner, Simon Kucher

Software Monetization Featured Articles

  • SafeNet's Five Lessons Learned about Data Security
    It may seem like a bit of a reach given the focus of this channel on software monetization, but a big part of licensing and entitlement management is protecting the integrity of the data whether it is on the move or stored. This is true in regards to passwords for accessing data and all aspects of compliance including proper use/abuse of licenses and transactional information regarding such things as renewals and upgrades. In short, security matters as part of a monetization solution.
  • SafeNet Research and Ponemon Institute Find IT is Losing the Battle on Cloud Security
    With Halloween approaching things tend to take on a spooky flavor. Such is unfortunately the case as it turns out when it comes to IT's efforts to deal with security issues relating to the cloud, according to new research security solutions provider SafeNet commissioned by the Ponemon Institute. The study, titled "The Challenges of Cloud Information Governance: A Global Data Security Study," surveyed more than 1800 IT and IT security professionals worldwide, and if are an IT professional you should be a bit spooked by the findings.
  • Licensing Live! Makes the Case for Licensing Agility Now
    I consider myself fortunate. I have the opportunity to experience in-person many of the tech industries' major (aka "important") and illuminating events. Interestingly, being major and being insightful and thought-provoking are by no means mutually inclusive. Indeed, you never know at what venue you will see something, hear something or meet somebody who literally provides new and valuable perspectives on the dynamic space we work in.
  • Protect Against Data Breaches? Not Likely, Say SafeNet Survey Respondents
    For those of us who shop online-and in ever-increasing numbers, that describes a large portion of us-a new study from SafeNet, Inc. should have stomachs dropping somewhere near the floor. We've all seen data breaches in one store or another, especially lately, but the news from SafeNet suggests that online shopping might not be as safe as some would hope.
  • IoT and the Impact of Software Monetization
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is about a whole lot more than things. It is about people, processes and new services. And, it is about all of what I like to describe as the "Infostructure", i.e., networks and software that enable it to not just monitor stuff but create value. In fact, it might just be that the biggest opportunity of IoT is software monetization.
  • Software Monetization and the Cloud - Compliance is Key
    There are two very hot topics in the areas of software security and software monetization and they happen to use the same terminology even if they do not apply precisely to the same things. The terms are "visibility' and "compliance."

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