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12 Ways

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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, Any Model Licensing- The New Norm
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What is Software Monetization?

Software monetization means the adoption of strategies and solutions that increase and maximize your profitability, protect your software and intellectual Property (IP), enforce entitlements and enable product management to deliver new packaging, monitor usage and offer new pricing as fast as your users demand and as fast as technology changes.

In order to maximize the value that you derive from your software, your service offering or your devices you need to work with a partner that understands strong security and encryption, offers the most licensing flexibility regardless of the delivery model and understands business transformation. In addition to providing the award winning Sentinel solutions, Gemalto’s also has a wide breadth expertise gleamed over 25,000 installations to develop knowledge and best practices to help you future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage.

Latest Articles from Software Monetization

Trimble Navigates to Success Leveraging Next Gen Licensing and Entitlement Management

Whether you know it or not, GPS technology pioneer Trimble has been an integral part of your personal and professional life for several years. Regardless of where it sits in various solutions and ecosystems, all of our reliance on the company's hardware and increasingly software-based solutions is likely to increase as we move faster and faster into an Internet of Things (IoT) that is software-centric in all aspects.


LicensingLive! Gemalto's Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions Are Integral for Stryker Business Transformation

Stryker is one of the world's foremost medical technology companies offering a diverse array of innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical, Surgical, Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes. And, like leading edge companies in the healthcare device industry, Stryker solutions are increasingly software-centric.


Positioning to Fully Leverage the Software Subscription Market

The numerous predictions by industry experts in virtually every vertical market about the "Big" trends impacting how businesses will conduct themselves in 2016 are now public record. Realities are that thanks to the accelerating pace of technology innovation and adoption, companies are going to be disrupted or disruptors. And, what is unmistakable is there are several trends that make everyone's lists. Call them the usual suspects: mobility, cloud, virtualization, globalization and application proliferation. There are two others that stand out as well where there is a consensus of opinion:


Sentinel EMS Delivers Enhanced Customer Experience and Satisfaction for HP

Dealing with large technology vendors often means dealing with thousands of SKUs and myriad software licenses in need of entitlement. As I'm sure you're painfully aware, getting up and running under these circumstances can be a confusing and complex process. But you're not alone in your frustration: large tech companies are faced with their own set of user experience and customer satisfaction challenges.


Gemalto Research says ISVs Need to Adopt Enterprise User Demands

There is little doubt that we are in the midst of a true paradigm shift when it comes to the ways in which, in an increasingly software-centric and driven world, software is created, protected, delivered and monetized. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to be successful need to adapt to changing customer expectations and requirements and transform the manner in which they deliver, track, protect and monetize software licenses and entitlements.



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