What is Software Monetization?

The term "software monetization" on its face seems simple. In theory it describes a company's extraction of the fully-appreciated value from the software it creates and sells. However, theory and reality do not always overlap. In fact, regardless of software type, or how it is delivered into the market for commercial use, the ability to optimize the value of software products and services must address a variety of issues.

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  • Meeting Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Back Office Integration Challenges
    It's no secret that independent software vendors (ISVs) of all sizes are in the midst of an unprecedented change affecting almost every aspect of how they create, deliver, track, protect and monetize the value of their intellectual property. The impact of this sweeping change is forcing the creation of new ways to package/bundle software and innovative business models in addition to establishing dynamic relationships between ecosystem partners/vendors and their customers. It's a brave new world.
  • Gemalto to Acquire SafeNet as Security Industry Becomes Latest Active M&A Sector
    This has been by all accounts a very active year for merger and acquisitions (M&A) across almost every sector of the information and communications technology (ICT) industries. As large players look to fill in strategic gaps in their portfolios and as the trend of enterprises of all sizes seeking shorter lists of trusted vendors accelerates, there is little doubt that more M&A is on the way.
  • Licensing Live! 2014-Software Monetization in an Always On/All-ways Connected World
    All of the ramifications, challenges and opportunities related to licensing, are the topics of this year's SafeNet's Licensing Live! 2014. The annual free software monetization event is being held October 21-22 in Cupertino, Calif., at the Cypress Hotel. I am sure you are going to not only mark your calendars, but already want to make your reservations.
  • Cloud Virtualization Licensing and Entitlement-Getting Out of the Bind
    I recently had the opportunity to discuss the impacts of virtualization and cloud on software monetization with Todd Steel, director of product management at SafeNet, to get his insights on the rapidly changing world of software monetization.
  • Helping ISVs Monetize Software Through Flexible Licensing and Entitlement Management
    Shlomo Weiss, General Manager, Software Monetization at SafeNet, in an interview with IT Europa Editor John Garratt, at the recent at the Cloud World Forum in London, had some interesting things to say about software monetization and how enhanced licensing and entitlement management is rapidly reshaping the software business from both vendor and user perspectives.
  • Eleven Big Software Licensing and Monetization Trends
    From greater visibility of customer behavior to enhanced security to the move to subscription models, independent software vendors are being confronted with an explosion of risks to their businesses if they cannot adapt to changes.

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