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What is Software Monetization?

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Software monetization means the adoption of strategies and solutions that increase and maximize your profitability, protect your software and intellectual Property (IP), enforce entitlements and enable product management to deliver new packaging, monitor usage and offer new pricing as fast as your users demand and as fast as technology changes.

In order to maximize the value that you derive from your software, your service offering or your devices you need to work with a partner that understands strong security and encryption, offers the most licensing flexibility regardless of the delivery model and understands business transformation. In addition to providing the award winning Sentinel solutions, Gemalto’s also has a wide breadth expertise gleamed over 25,000 installations to develop knowledge and best practices to help you future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage.

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The Monetization of the Internet of Things

We are all constantly getting information on how the advent of billions of connected devices is transforming daily life. In fact, Cisco has forecast there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and Gartner is projecting over $300 billion in revenues, just for the suppliers of IoT devices. Within five years, estimates are that one million devices will be brought online every hour.


It's Not Just About Licensing Anymore: Cloud-Based Software Licensing Enhancing Efficiency, Customer Experiences, and Competitiveness

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of moderating an extremely insightful webinar, Cloud-Based Software Licensing: Enabling Operational Efficiency, Delighted Customers and Sustainable Competitive Advantage. I was joined by Jeff Kaplan Managing Director, THINKstrategies and Jamshed "Jam" Khan, Director of Professional Services, Gemalto, who talked about the reasons why cloud-based software licensing is the path to any organization's future success.


What Adoption of Software Business Models Means for Device Vendors and Software Providers

Here is a question for readers. "Do you believe that next generation value creation and the ability to establish and sustain differentiated competitive advantage is going to be heavily reliant on software?"


Why Cloud-based Software Licensing Can and Should be the Path to Future Success

There can be no disputing that we live in an increasingly always on/always connected world. In this brave new world, software-centricity has become a major, if not the major, driver of not just current value, but sustainable differentiated value. And, on top of this, has been what I have previously characterized as the next phase of the digital era - "The Age of Acceleration." It is an age where the only certainties are change and the speed at which it is increasing.


A 'How To' Guide on Monetizing the Internet of Things

While there is much discussion as to what actually constitutes the Internet of Things (IoT), there can be little doubt that we have entered the on-ramp to a ubiquitously connected "smart" or "smarter" world. It is one where the combination of literally billions of network-aware devices in combination with Big Data and sophisticated analytics will transform almost every aspect of how we leverage software and the information it generates, to improve our personal lives and professional competitive postures. Indeed, industry experts have boldly predicted that the impact of the coming era of IoT will have as great if not a greater impact than the Internet itself.



More news about LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016 is coming back to The Juniper Hotel  in Cupertino, CA. on
Nov. 1-3, 2016.

We have assembled a variety of industry experts and senior leaders who will share their experiences and insight on how they are solving some of the most pressing software monetization challenges and how they are embracing the NOW economy.  Register today to guarantee your seat.

What is LicensingLive?

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders who want to gain a competitive edge and explore uncharted business opportunities.

Software developers. Hardware engineers who want “things” to be connected, intelligent, and adaptive.

Product Managers and Execs looking for new ways to package, price new products and understand how their products are being used by their customers.

Executives ready to embrace the central role of Software Monetization for Product Leadership, Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy.
Register today

Please keep checking LicensingLive.com  often for the latest agenda, speaker announcements and to find out who will be this year’s surprise guest speaker.  Click here to Register. If you would like to reserve your room now at the Juniper Hotel we have negotiated a discounted price for you. Just call: 1-800-HILTONS and request to book under “Gemalto – LicensingLive.”

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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