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SafeNet Brings Small Business Mindset and Big Business Experience to Software Monetization Space

July 02, 2012

When Prakash Panjwani started working at SafeNet (News - Alert) more than a decade ago, he saw a high-energy management team that was poised to do great things in the information security space. And now, 10 years later, he is proud that the group has the same spirit and he is a big part of that leadership team, as a senior vice president of business operations and general manager of the software monetization division who brings both technology and sales experience to bear.

Panjwani recently spoke with TMC (News - Alert) about his time with SafeNet, ongoing changes in the software industry and the way his company addresses those needs with the mindset of a small business and the experience and resources of a large one.

One of the keys to SafeNet’s success, according to Panjwani, is its ability to acquire and adapt. The company focuses on three main customer segments: government, enterprises (financial, healthcare, amongst others), and software and it has been building its portfolio in all of these segments by making a dozen strategic acquisitions during his time with the company and each time, SafeNet took steps to adapt to the new, incoming cultures. This helped the company learn and grow and made the transitions easier for all parties.

In terms of changes in the software licensing space, Panjwani saw a shift in software companies’ focus from merely revenue protection or “How do I enforce my contract?” to revenue growth or “How do I monetize my intellectual property ?” He saw more creativity from the software perspective in terms of monetization strategies and ways to move beyond simply preventing piracy to growing revenue.

Another key to SafeNet’s success is its ability to evolve. The company strives to be a step ahead of the competition and to evolve with the needs of its customers. SafeNet prides itself on its comprehensive approach, covering everything from desktop software to embedded software to SaaS offerings. It has developed products and solutions that match the needs of the industry over time and it is the only company that serves all aspects of the market.

As for the future, Panjwani sees several trends in his crystal ball. He foresees a time when future customers won’t fit into easy categories (e.g., desktop vs SaaS (News - Alert)), but instead will need many integrated services delivered seamlessly. He also feels that the importance of ensuring outstanding customer experience will only grow. Finally, he sees software monetization growing well beyond licensing, and, as a security company, SafeNet is well poised to be a leader in this industry for years to come.

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