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Licensing Solutions in Virtual Environments

March 10, 2014

The reality for independent software vendors (ISVs) is that the world in which their intellectual property (IP) is monetized and the software licensing by which it is managed is in the midst of a transformation. Software licensing, along with how software is delivered and consumed, is undergoing revolutionary changes as ISVs look to better protect and monetize their software, reduce costs and more accurately keep track of customer’s usage and compliance. 

Driving this evolution in software licensing is the move by enterprise IT to virtualize and automate many of their mission critical activities including license management in this new environment. That said; virtualization is not new.  Since its infancy less than a decade ago, virtualized servers are already being launched by most organizations, and they are looking to virtualize even further.  However, while network virtualization helps enterprises reduce costs, it also poses a challenge for ISVs who have traditionally relied on the ability to bind licenses to something physical in order to control access to their software.

The bottom line is that ISVs dealing with virtualized environments are in need of new tools to track, control and manage the use of their applications when deployed in highly advanced virtual networks.  

Last year, at SafeNet’s (News - Alert) Licensing Live event, there was an incredibly informative session, which was webcast as part of the event’s “Ask the Experts” program entitled, Licensing Solutions in Virtual Environments. If you are an ISV looking for state-of-the-art solutions for helping you meet the challenges of the increasingly virtualized world, this is a webcast you should listen to.

Topics that are covered in the webcast go to the heart of what you need to know to adopt and prosper as your business and customers, go through this dynamic and accelerating change.  Topics covered include:  

  • Risks associated with software deployment in virtual environments
  • Best  practices for licensing in virtual environments – past, present and future
  • How SafeNet’s cloud-based solution will eliminate all dependency on node locking when licensing software in virtual networks.

The emphasis is on looking at the need for new tools to track, control and manage applications when deployed in highly advanced virtual networks.  As the webcast points out, some of the more traditional software licensing tools including Deny & Detect, Physical Dongle, and Fingerprinting, were more than serviceable when licenses were given for software on physical media, but are not sufficient today.

SafeNet’s recognized market leading next generation software licensing for virtualized environments includes solutions like Sentinel Cloud licensing which enables placing the licenses and the license manager outside of end-users networks ensuring the licenses cannot be duplicated or used without the knowledge of ISVs. Cloud connected licenses lock a user, not a physical node machine, which promises legitimate use of licenses. ISVs have full control over how many licenses are running, standalone and in parallel, to generate the billing accordingly. ISVs also have choices in evaluating how they wish to go to market regarding software licensing. As noted, it is important for ISVs to understand the benefits and shortcomings of the various tools for licensing their products that not only work best for them and ensure they are in line with virtualization trends, but also fully protect their software. 

This webcast is an ideal way to understand best practices and options. Plus, it is part of a series of “Ask the Experts” webcasts on a variety of highly important topics confronting ISVs and their users. All the webcasts to date are available on SafeNet’s video site.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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